Beach Honeymoon

A beach honeymoon might be your best option if your idea of paradise is a seashore with soft sand underfoot and clear blue waters, where the two of you can relax under swaying palm trees with a colorful drink. You have a world of gorgeous beaches to choose from. Will you pick the tropical breezes, soft white sands and warm turquoise of the Caribbean, the serenity of Bora Bora, the glitz and romance of Rio de Janeiro, or the rich history and culture of Santorini?

You can be as relaxed, lazy or active and adventurous as you like on your beach honeymoon. You could spend your days lazing on the side by side hammocks on the beach, or go sailing, snorkeling, swimming and fishing. In tropical beach locations like the Maldives, Mexican Caribbean and French Polynesia, nature lovers can explore coral reefs and see the bright colorful fish that live there close up. Watch sea turtles or whales in their natural surroundings.

Beach honeymoons do not mean isolation. In vibrant cities like Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Honolulu are synonymous with urban nightlife. After spending the day at the beach or on the water, head out to shop, dance, or experience world class dining.

Foodie couples will also find different cuisines to explore and maybe recipes to bring home. Fresh seafood and fresh local produce are often found at different beach locales. Wherever you choose to go, there’s a wide range of accommodations to suit every budget: seaside cabins where the waves will lull you to sleep, boutique resorts and spas, and all-inclusive resorts where all the fun and excitement are right at your doorstep.


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