Most Romantic Seychelles Beaches

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The Seychelles, famed for its picturesque beaches, is a haven for beach lovers and honeymooners alike. With its warm climate and clear skies, it’s the perfect destination to explore diverse and beautiful beaches. Let’s embark on a journey from the less explored to the most renowned beaches in the Seychelles.

1. Petit Anse La Digue

Starting with Petit Anse La Digue, a secluded beach offering tranquility. Though known for strong currents, it provides a serene environment for those looking to escape the crowds.

2. Beau Vallon, Mahé

Beau Vallon in Mahé is a family-friendly beach, popular for its safe waters and various water sports activities. It’s bustling with life and perfect for an energetic beach day.

3. Denis Island

Denis Island offers a remote beach experience with an abundance of marine life. Ideal for couples, it’s a romantic getaway with stunning views and crystal-clear waters.

4. Anse Coco, La Digue

Anse Coco, accessible only by a forest trail, is a hidden treasure. Its peaceful ambiance makes it a perfect spot for those seeking solitude and natural beauty.

5. Intendance Beach, Mahé

Surfers will love Intendance Beach on Mahé’s south coast. With its large waves and wide sandy beach, it’s a surfers’ paradise, albeit with limited facilities.

6. Anse Takamaka, Mahé

Renowned for its marine life, Anse Takamaka on the southwest coast of Mahé offers a picturesque setting for wildlife enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.

7. Anse Royale, Mahé

On the opposite side of Mahé, Anse Royale is famous for its excellent snorkeling conditions. The coral reef provides a sanctuary for diverse marine life.

8. Port Launay, Mahé

Port Launay, located on the northwest coast of Mahé, is a snorkeler’s dream with its vibrant underwater world, part of a protected Marine National Park.

9. Anse Lazio, Praslin Island

On Praslin Island, Anse Lazio is a luxurious retreat among granite boulders. Known for its pristine beauty, it’s a favorite among honeymooners and luxury seekers.

10. Anse D’Argent, La Digue

Concluding our list is the exquisite Anse D’Argent on La Digue, celebrated as one of the most photographed beaches in the world, with its iconic white sands and turquoise waters.

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