Sandals Butler Service: Everything You Need To Know (2024)

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by Debbi K. Kickham

Sandals Resorts offers the best all-inclusive luxury vacation one can ask for at any of its 18 properties in the Caribbean. You can tick all the boxes of a dream holiday– perfect weather, luxurious accommodations, world-class amenities, excellent services, and the list goes on– when you book with Sandals. However, being known for going beyond what’s expected, the brand allows guests to experience ultimate luxury with the Sandals Butler service.

You might think you have to be ultra-rich to afford a butler service, but Sandals allows you to enjoy your Caribbean retreat for the absolute most bang for your buck. Trust me — once you visit an all-inclusive luxury resort such as Sandals — which includes butler service with many of its rooms — there’s no going back to EVER staying at a regular hotel room ever again! You can be assured of seamless service throughout your stay with Sandals butler service. They can take care of everything from spa treatments, excursions, dinner arrangements, or even a lounge chair you need when you go to the beach. You’ll be treated like kings and queens,  with a trusted expert taking care of everything for you.

If you’re wondering how you can avail of Sandals butler service, what the Sandals butler can do for you, or if the butler service is worth it at Sandals, then we have all bases covered in this article. Read on to find out how you can make the most out of your Caribbean holiday with the help of Sandals butler service.

Which Sandals Rooms Come With Butler Service?

Sandals butler service

The rooms and suites at Sandals are classified into three categories. You can choose to book Sandals Luxury, Club Level, or Butler Elite Level. To make things simple, the Luxury category gives you the finest entry-level rooms in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, The Club Level accommodation gives you access to room service. 

The Butler Elite suites, as the name suggests, come with Sandals butler service. The Butler Elite Level suites are the best suites Sandals offers today. They are top-tier accommodations offering the most generous space and most breathtaking views. 

Aside from having a personal butler, the Butler Elite level suites come with extra in-room inclusions:

  • A distinct Butler Elite room key
  • Plush robes with bed slippers for you and your partner 
  • Luxurious solid mahogany furnishings
  • Fine Egyptian cotton linens and a pillow menu
  • The in-suite bar will be stocked daily with water, and your favorite juices, soda, and premium wines and spirits
  • Access to a private lounge with books, games, and a wide-screen TV
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas
  • Access to the weekly cocktail party and Club Sandals activities
  • Luxury airport transfers in the form of a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Rolls Royce

Under the Butler Elite category of suites are the Sandals Love Nest Suites, which are the best to book if you want a more private accommodation with a charming layout and purposely intricate design. Even the bathrooms are opulent, with free-standing bathtubs, rain showers, his-and-hers sinks, and more. They also often come with a soaking tub on an outdoor patio, a private balcony, or a private plunge pool. These suites with Sandals butler service include the Rondoval Suites, SkyPool Suites, Millionaire Bluff Top Suites, and Over-The-Water Bungalows.

What To Expect With Sandals Butler Service

Sandals butler tips

When you book one of the highest-level suites, perfection is at another level. Your own personal butler anticipates your needs. Your Sandals butler, trained by the Guild of Professional English Butlers, will act as your personal concierge and ensure everything is to your liking. Unlike the Club Sandals concierge, which consists of a team attending to the needs of everyone at Club level rooms, your butler is dedicated to your needs.

Sandals will assign your personal butler even before you arrive at the resort. Here are some things your butler can do for you:

Upon Arrival At Sandals

  • Welcome you with lemongrass-scented hand towels to refresh you after your flight
  • Offer you some delicious culinary treats and welcome cocktails
  • Escort you to your room and take care of your luggage
  • Check you in from the comforts of your own suite
  • Provide all the information you need about the resort
  • Set up anything that you need to make your stay comfortable
  • Provide a smartphone so you can contact them anytime

During Your Stay

  • Arrange dinner reservations
  • Book your excursions, spa  treatments, and other activities
  • Serve you drinks as you lounge in the pool or on the beach
  • Serve lunch on the pool or beach
  • Coordinate with the resort staff to ensure your suite is always in perfect condition
  • Expedite in-room dining orders
  • Arrange a private dinner-for-two in your suite or private balcony
  • Tend to your wardrobe and other needs

Before Departure  And At Departure Time

  • Help you pack your luggage
  • Take note of your preferences for future visits
  • Provide information regarding check-out
  • Escort you to the resort lounge for check-out
  • Arrange luxury airport transfer and bid you farewell

Sandals Butler Preferences

Sandals butler preferences

When you book your stay with Sandals and have paid your reservation in full, the resort will coordinate with you to know your Sandals butler preferences. The staff will give you access to a questionnaire. You need to fill out this form so Sandals will know the preparations and arrangements they must make for you and if you have any particular butler requests. You can also print out the questionnaire and give the copy to your butler upon arrival. 

Some of the most common butler requests include the following:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Romantic dinners
  • Take care of everything on the pool or beachside
  • Booking excursions, golf tee times, and restaurants
  • Set spa appointments
  • Arrange “Wow moments” including from bubble baths, flower petals, and other romantic setups
  • Collect and deliver laundry
  • Prepare your favorite drinks

The Sandals butler preferences questionnaire is one way for Sandals to know your expectations so they can provide consistent service to the highest of standards. If you have special requests, ask as early as possible or at least ask your butler a day or so before. They will do their best and beyond to accommodate your requests. 

The personnel that provide Sandals butler service are known to wow their customers. We’ve heard incredible stories of real butler moments that made guests smile. For example, a couple asked for breakfast on their private balcony every morning. Their personal butler, on the day of their departure, used a ladder to set up a breakfast for them secretly. The butler called the guests to tell them their breakfast was ready.  Another story involved a butler who went underwater and surprised a guest who went diving but was afraid of the deep sea.

Personally, I have asked my butler to bring me a healthy snack at 5PM every day, so that I can eat something nutritious before I go to my daily workout at the gym. That has included everything from walnuts to fresh fruit to shrimp cocktail. It makes all the difference! Additionally, I always like to surprise my beloved husband Bill with a guilt-free, indulgent dessert: A lowfat carrot cake. I simply ask that the heavy oil be replaced with pumpkin puree (a great diet tip), and the use of Splenda instead of sugar, along with the use of lots of shredded carrots, walnuts and raisins, with a yogurt frosting instead of fattening cream cheese. (Remember, you have to wear a swimsuit every day of your trip!) My Sandals butler then passes this info on the pastry chef — and they hit it out of the ballpark every time! I tell you, this low-calorie version is even MORE MOIST AND DELICIOUS than the full-freight version that you would find in any bakery — and you can eat it and feel great about your selection. (Of course, don’t forget that many of the Sandals resorts feature a Cafe de Paris that does indeed offer regular carrot cake along with many other delicious pastries and cakes, and fabulous homemade ice cream. Visiting the Cafe de Paris bakery, especially for a Nutella crepe, is one of my favorite features of Sandals!)

Go ahead — ask your butler for something special — and you’ll make his or her day!

Sandals Butler Tips

Since Sandals offers an all-inclusive holiday, you have paid for everything when you book your stay. There’s a no-tipping policy with the exemption of the butlers and the staff at the spa. Giving them a tip is one way to show appreciation for what they do for you while at the resort. There’s no set rule for the amount, but it is usually $25 to $50 per night. Others offer a five percent of the nightly room rate, but it’s up to you how incredible you find the Sandals butler service, and how much you would like to tip.

Is Butler Service Worth It At Sandals?

Yes, it is worth every penny. The Sandals butler service brings the Caribbean holiday experience to the next level. Not every day do you have someone taking care of things for you and ensuring you’ll have beautiful memories and magical moments. 

If you are ready to splurge to book a Butler Elite Suite at Sandals, make the most out of the experience. Turn the special occasion such as your honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or romantic getaway extra special with the help of your butler. Let this spark your imagination to create some truly magical moments.

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