About Us

About Us

Helping you discover your perfect honeymoon

At Honeymoons.com, we believe that the journey of love should begin with an enchanting and cherished escape. We are thrilled to be your ultimate guide and partner in crafting the most magical start to your new chapter together. As connoisseurs of romance and travel, our passion lies in curating dreamy and bespoke honeymoon experiences that celebrate your unique love story.

Founded with love and a touch of wanderlust, Honeymoons.com is a haven for all those lovebirds seeking a seamless, unforgettable, and soul-stirring getaway. We understand that no two love stories are alike, and that’s why we are committed to tailoring every aspect of your honeymoon to suit your preferences and desires.

Our dedicated team of travel experts, who are also hopeless romantics at heart, handpick the most idyllic destinations and accommodations from across the globe. From sun-kissed beaches to enchanting all-inclusive hideaways, vibrant cities to serene landscapes, we have scoured the world to offer you an extensive collection of romantic havens.

Planning your honeymoon with us means stepping into a world of pure indulgence and worry-free bliss. Leave the logistics to us as we meticulously arrange every detail, leaving you free to savor the anticipation and excitement leading up to your special journey.

Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, cultural exploration or secluded escapes, Honeymoons.com is your trusted companion in curating the ideal experience for you and your beloved. Our promise is to make your once-in-a-lifetime trip as magical and unforgettable as the love that brought you together.

Embrace the allure of romance, and let Honeymoons.com be the architect of your perfect beginning. Start your journey into a world of love, discovery, and cherished memories with us. Together, let’s make your honeymoon dreams come true.

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Our Team

We’d like to introduce you to the honeymoon experts who manage the Honeymoons.com team.

Together we share over 60 years of experience in helping engaged couples plan the trip of their dreams. We’ve talked with countless honeymooners, consulted hotels, resorts, and destinations on how to make them happy and visited thousands of honeymoon spots worldwide to ensure they deliver the value promised.

Jim Campbell


Jim entered the honeymoon industry by building HoneymoonGoals.com in 2019. He created Honeymoon Goals to share his ideas and research while planning his honeymoon. As the website grew to over a million visitors a year, Jim founded his travel agency to help honeymooners plan the perfect trip. His agency has been recognized as a leader in all-inclusive Caribbean honeymoons as a Sandals Chairman’s Royal Club member.

Susan Wagner

Former President and Editor-In-Chief

Susan created honeymoons.com after serving as a Travel Editor of Modern Bride Magazine for 10 years.  She has reported on leading honeymoon resorts and destinations throughout the world and can give you unique insider’s advice on many of them.  She has written countless articles on honeymooning and has also served as a consultant to hotels, resorts, and destinations who want to expand their honeymoon and wedding business.

She has also been on the staff of Travel & Leisure Magazine, written many travel articles, served as Contributing Editor to leading guidebooks such as Fodor’s and Penguin, and held executive positions in five international airlines including Varig, Viasa, Avianca, Avensa, and Faucett.

Tom Curtin

Former Director of Sales & Marketing

Tom was Publisher and Senior Vice President of Bridal Guide Magazine for 12 years. In this capacity, he talked with countless honeymooners and traveled the world advising hotels, resorts, and destinations on how to build honeymoon and destination wedding business.

He was instrumental in the creation of successful Honeymoon Guides for leading corporations such as Marriott, American Airlines and the United States Travel & Tourism Association as well as for destinations such as Tahiti, Florida, and The Poconos and for the Hawaiian Visitors Bureau.

He has also held executive positions at Modern Bride Magazine,  Braniff Airways, and American Airlines where he was Manager of International Tour Marketing and at Thomas Cook International, a world-renowned tour operator.

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