20 Best All-Inclusive Resorts In Antigua (2024)

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Are you stuck in a routine with your partner and want to rekindle your relationship? What better way to break the boredom of the same old date nights than with a romantic getaway?

A popular destination for couples that can provide the ultimate, secluded atmosphere with stunning natural beauty is the Caribbean. While it may be one of the smallest countries in the world, you’ll find lots of all-inclusive resorts in Antigua and Barbuda.

Sandals Grande AntiguaThe Caribbean's Most Romantic Resort

Voted the “World’s Most Romantic Resort” year after year, adults-only hotel Sandals Grande Antigua is located on Antigua’s best and most famous beach, Dickenson Bay. Explore the Caribbean Beachfront Village, a charming seaside garden oasis graced by meandering pathways, majestic palms and cooling Trade winds.

The combined area of Antigua and Barbuda is 171 square miles, but it’s home to a whopping 365 beaches. That makes this multi-island nation a wonderful place for a couples’ escape. Whether for a few days or several weeks, a romantic getaway here is a great opportunity to focus completely on your partner, rediscover why you fell in love, and perhaps fall in love all over again. 

Traveling together takes couples out of the day-to-day rut while relearning how to depend on one another and making new memories that can last a lifetime. And often, the farther away the destination, the more exciting and more memorable that getaway will be.

We’ve rounded up a list of 20 all-inclusive resorts in Antigua and Barbuda that are ideal for couples who want to bond, or re-bond, all while having a great time.

Sandals Grande Antigua

Location: Dickenson Bay 

all-inclusive resorts in antigua

What we like: Ideal for active couples who want to try a bit of everything 

Sandals Grande Antigua is one of the most popular all-inclusive resorts in Antigua. It’s perfect for couples who like to do things together. And, if your favorite motto is “try something new,” all the better. Right at your doorstep is a beautiful public beach where couples enjoy exciting activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, or kayaking. All are built into the rates which means that instead of totaling up all the costs, the only thing you have to think about is which to choose.

After a day of play, unwind with a drink or enjoy dancing at the resort’s bar, holding your partner close without a care in the world. When it’s time to dine, look forward to a stunning sea view from the on-site restaurant, ensuring romantic meals.

Sandals also has great options for active couples that prefer more privacy. We highly recommend a room with a private pool so you can nuzzle in the water alone whenever the mood strikes. Plus, not only is this resort set within one of the most scenic destinations in the world, but it ranks among the world’s best all-inclusive honeymoon packages you’ll find anywhere.

Jumby Bay Island

Location: Private island

Best all-inclusive resorts antigua

What we like:  A secluded getaway

A surefire way to up the romance in a relationship is to go on a vacation where you feel like you can leave everything about your old life behind, other than the one you love anyway. A trip to the private island of Jumbo Bay immediately provides a sense of adventure, with just your partner by your side and a luxurious holiday awaiting.

This may be a modern hotel, but it doesn’t take away from the island’s natural beauty. Think more rustic chic, but with all the pampering you could ever want.

Among the all-inclusive resorts in Antigua, Jumbo Bay is a standout when it comes to serenity and VIP treatment. Stepping onto the pier, all stress melts away, as you’re immersed among idyllic beaches, stunning turquoise water, and impeccably manicured gardens. The resort, and exceptional staff, ensure you arrive in style, making it feel like you’re coming home to your own private property.

Hawksbill Resort

Location: St. John’s

Antigua all inclusive resorts adults only

What we like: Nude beach 

There’s no denying that for couples who want to reconnect and get closer, intimacy is an important factor. We’ve listed Hawksbill as one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Antigua because it offers access to four beaches, including the only clothing-optional beach on the island.

While Hawksbill is not one of the Caribbean’s clothing-optional resorts, with conventional attire required on the property, guests can enjoy a more au naturel experience at Eden Beach. It’s a great way to up the intimacy factor while enjoying a sense of freedom. The atmosphere is peaceful, respectful, and uncrowded for maximum privacy, providing the opportunity to show off a little skin in a tasteful yet seductive way. 

Hermitage Bay

Location: Hermitage Bay Beach

Antigua all inclusive resorts packages

What we like: Foodie haven + hilltop views

Foodie couples will appreciate Hermitage Bay’s seasonal menu. It changes every day, with many ingredients grown at the in-house garden and farm, which is open for guest visits. This resort is ideal for couples who like to bond over new, exotic dishes and whose idea of a perfect date includes a delicious meal. 

One of the most popular dishes is grilled fish, but the lovely plate of fresh cockles with vegetables is impressive too. Another aspect that truly sets Hermitage Bay apart from other all-inclusive resorts in Antigua is the availability of vegetarian and vegan dishes. There’s also an excellent mix of local and international dishes on offer with local fruits and herbs frequent features.

We love that the suites are tucked away on the nearby hill, with the elevated perch providing a fabulous view of the sea in the distance that meets the nearly always bright blue sky. After attending a cooking class together, couples can enjoy the view and a refreshing swim in their private pool – all without any noise or distractions from neighbors.

Hammock Cove

Location: St. Philip

Anigua honeymoon

What we like: Private pool in every room 

When searching for all-inclusive resorts in Antigua, you’ll want to consider your expectations before booking. While some resorts are known for their party atmosphere, guests who prefer a more laid-back setting will appreciate Hammock Cove. Here, tranquility is pretty much guaranteed from the moment you arrive. Because it’s nestled in a cove, the water here is relatively calm, ideal for swimming. Plus, kayaking, snorkeling, and Hobie cat rides can also be enjoyed.

The beach is on the smaller side, but with fine sand and clear waters, it’s stunning. Every room comes with its own private pool, and as a result, the beach is often quiet. That means couples can look forward to R&R in a quiet and carefree setting. Plus, the resort is adults-only, so there’s no worry about loud kids disrupting the peace.

Carlisle Bay

Location: St. Mary

What we like: Lots of website discounts

If you’re looking for affordable all-inclusive resorts in Antigua, Carlisle Bay is worth considering. The resort’s website offers an entire menu dedicated to discounts along with packages that include an all-inclusive experience. That makes it possible for couples with limited budgets to indulge without having to pay full price.

But it’s not just about discounts. Look forward to views of lush, green hills on one side and endless, open water on the other. Here, you can take a leisurely stroll with your partner while enjoying the songs of the birds. If you decide to make your way to the beach, there are tables and chairs set up for enjoying a barefoot meal, feeling the sand between your toes while savoring delicious dishes.

Note that while Carlisle Bay is family-friendly, it has a quieter atmosphere and doesn’t get too rowdy.

Curtain Bluff Resort

Location: Morris Bay 

What we like: Two beaches, lots of sports offerings

Many all-inclusive resorts in Antigua include access to non-motorized sports equipment in the room rates. But what’s great about Curtain Bluff Resort is that guests also have complimentary use of the speedboat to go wakeboarding, waterskiing, and boat tubing. Because of this, it’s a very good choice for couples who are fit and like to incorporate sports into their vacations.

We don’t need to remind you that adrenaline-filled activities with your partner are a great way to develop deeper bonds that help you grow closer. Booking here, basically means you’re guaranteeing you’ll have at least one new and exciting activity to do as a couple every day during your getaway. There are other sports too, including tennis, squash, basketball, and Bocce ball.

With two beaches (surf on one side, serenity on the other), breathtaking views, and delicious food, you’re sure to enjoy a memorable getaway.

Galley Bay Resort and Spa

Location: Five Islands Village

all-inclusive honeymoon packages

What we like: A green resort with wheelchair access 

In making this list of the best all-inclusive resorts in Antigua, we just had to include Galley Bay Resort and Spa for its commitment to being green and accommodations with wheelchair access. The area is near a bird sanctuary, and there’s even a greenhouse on site. Plus, rooms are decorated using local materials for an exotic touch, taking away the cookie-cutter feel that so many other hotels have.

Music isn’t allowed at the pool, guaranteeing more relaxed and peaceful swims with your partner. If you prefer the beach, you can get a room that’s literally a few steps from the sand and the sea. For couples who like to tan or simply lounge around, you’ll be glad to know that sunbeds are numbered, so you won’t have to worry about saving a seat every day. 

Keyonna Beach Resort

Location: Turner’s Beach

What we like: Individual cottages as standard

Romance was definitely built into Keyonna Beach Resort. it seems as if it was created specifically for couples wanting to escape and enjoy quality time together. Accommodation is only offered in individual cottages for privacy, and some are just a few steps from the beach. While it has all the usual modern comforts all-inclusive resorts in Antigua typically offer, Keyonna has made it a point to maintain a rural, Caribbean atmosphere. 

The cottages mostly feature wood furnishings. In fact, even the outdoor rainfall shower is made of wood. Instead of a concrete jungle, there are hedges, coconuts, and flowery shrubs. The resort’s layout means that you’ll be able to enjoy the area’s natural beauty, including the hills in the back and the gentle waves that lap the white sands, from many vantage points.

Blue Waters Resort and Spa

Location: Soldier’s Bay

Antigua honeymoon resorts

What we like: Live in the lap of luxury

Sometimes, half the battle of sparking intimacy with your partner is just being in the right location. Blue Waters Resorts and Spa is a place that instantly makes you feel special. The atmosphere and setting scream romance.

The resort has a clean and simple high-end style. Not only does it face the water, but with many trees and flowers dotted throughout the grounds, it feels as if it sits within a beautifully landscaped garden. You’ll enjoy gorgeous views wherever you go, including panoramic views of the sea, all while being spoiled day and night by the friendly, attentive staff.

Be sure to pack your underwater camera and keep watch for the pelicans and stingrays that frequent the bay.

Unlike most all-inclusive resorts in Antigua, guests can choose whether or not they want to avail of the all-inclusive meal plan with activities. Of course, we recommend that you do, as you’ll eliminate the stress of constantly having to pull out your wallet and keep track of everything you spend.

For the ultimate VIP experience, rent an entire cottage at the tip of the resort that sits right by the water. 

Escape at Nonsuch Bay

Location: Hughes Point

Antigua all inclusive resorts adults only

What we like: Plunge pool in every room 

Nestled in the sheltered waters of Nonsuch Bay, Escape at Nonsuch Bay is one of the best all-inclusive adults-only resorts in Antigua for couples who prefer calm waters over an open sea. The protected bay is ideal for a leisurely dip. Your view will be bordered by lush rolling hills under a nearly always sunny, clear blue sky. But by making your way down the wooden path tucked among the greenery, you can enjoy the beach in no time.

For an added fee, instantly dial up the romance by ordering the floating meals at your room’s plunge pool for an especially unique and memorable experience.


Location: Valley Church Beach

What we like: Low-key adults-only resort for honeymooners

COCOS Hotel offers all-inclusive honeymoon packages that are great for newlyweds looking for an exotic destination that sets the scene for romance. Accommodation is in individual cottages set on a rocky hill for elevated views of the crystal-clear blue water below. The winding paths are ideal for strolling hand-in-hand through the rustic, low-key resort, setting the mood for intimacy.

Honeymooners can also look forward to sea and sunset views while enjoying a romantic meal in the multi-tiered open-air restaurant. While this is an adults only resort with nightly entertainment, there is no bar, in keeping with the peaceful ambiance. 

Be sure to check the offers on the resort’s website to see if you can take advantage of special packages that include discounted rates and extra benefits.

Royalton Antigua

Location: St. John’s

What we like: Lively party vibe + in-room Wi-Fi

When it comes to all-inclusive resorts in Antigua, not all offer Wi-Fi access in guest rooms. Fortunately for those who find it essential to stay connected, the Royalton Antigua suites come with free Wi-Fi. And, all have a terrace or balcony, some with sea or pool views.

The property has a hip and modern feel throughout, with big pools and a wide, spacious beach providing plenty of room to relax and play. Speaking of hip, this is the place to be for couples who like to party. You can meet new friends at the pool bar and even enjoy a foam party after you’ve had your fill of kayaking. 

St. James’ Club Antigua

Location: Mamora Bay

What we like: Two beaches + multiple pools

St. James’ Club boasts not one but two beaches, along with a wealth of desirable facilities. For couples who want to mix things up while enjoying plenty of time at the sand, it’s a great choice. Mamora Bay Beach sits at the edge of Mamora Bay, providing a tranquil feel ideal for cuddling and sunbathing. On the other side of the resort at Coco Beach, enjoy swaying palms and gentle surf that includes outstanding snorkeling within swimming distance from the shore.

Be aware that there is an upcharge at the fine-dining Piccolo Mondo restaurant, although it’s worth the splurge for a special romantic dinner.

The Inn at English Harbour

Location: Freeman’s Bay

Affordable all inclusive resorts antigua

What we like: Solitude in paradise

We think The Inn is one of the best places to stay in Antigua because it has its own exclusive white sandy beach. That makes it ideal for couples who can enjoy a more secluded experience unwinding and bonding together. As part of the resort is on a hill, its unique location means that guests can enjoy scenic walks with stunning views of the boats below. 

The waters are pristine, and if you’re in luck, you might even encounter a turtle during a swim. And for those who dislike small quarters, you’ll be glad to know that some suites at this resort are bigger than entire apartments.    

While we couldn’t leave it off our list of Antiqua’s best all-inclusive resorts, it’s important to note that The Inn at English Harbour is not 100 percent all-inclusive. The half-board package does include quite a bit: breakfast and dinner, afternoon tea, non-motorized water sports, Wi-Fi, water taxi transport to/from Nelsons Dock Yard, and bottled water service on the beach and by the pool.

Cocobay Resort

Location: Ffryes Bay

What we like:  Discount for honeymooners

If you’re on the hunt for all-inclusive honeymoon packages in Antigua, you’ll be pleased to know that Cocobay Resort offers discounts for weddings and for those on their honeymoon. You and your partner are guaranteed some quality time with accommodation provided in cottages built separately on the hill.

Hang out on your balcony together, enjoying the tropical breezes and amazing views. It’s also the perfect place to be for watching a sunrise before indulging in a day of sun, sand, and massages.

For an even more memorable experience, couples can book the Romance Combo which includes sumptuous floating pool meals. Oh, and don’t forget to try the outdoor tub. Overall, Cocobay is a fabulous place to chill and enjoy VIP service thanks to the excellent staff.

Ocean Point Resort and Spa

Location: St. John’s 

What we like: Close to the airport and other businesses

Like some of the all-inclusive resorts in Antigua we’ve highlighted, Ocean Point has multiple beaches for guests to take advantage of. That said, the stretches here are smaller and tend to have a more relaxed atmosphere. Introverted couples will definitely enjoy their stay here, letting the stress melt away while simply watching coconut palms dance in the breeze.

Ocean Point is also an adults-only resort which makes it perfect for couples who want to enjoy a quiet environment. Plus, it’s only a few minutes from the airport, ideal for those who prefer to go from departures to their resort quickly while also being close to shops and restaurants off the property.

Jolly Beach

Location: Jolly Harbour

What we like: Affordable beauty

Jolly Beach is one of the larger all-inclusive resorts located in Antigua. A turquoise sea with abundant tropical fish and sea turtles awaits snorkelers, while the beach is long and wide, with white powdery sands, providing plenty of room for everyone. If saltwater isn’t your thing, you and your partner can enjoy dips in the huge pools with fountains. There’s also a swim-up pool bar and a lavish spa for indulgent in blissful treatments.

All of that, along with friendly, helpful staff. And, Jolly Beach also happens to be among the affordable all-inclusive resorts in Antigua. We’re really glad it reopened after temporarily closing during the pandemic. 

Pineapple Beach Club

Location: Long Bay Beach

What we like:  Basic and affordable

For couples on a limited budget, Pineapple Beach Club is another one of the more affordable, all-inclusive resorts you can find in Antigua. For a budget-friendly trip to the Caribbean, this is the basic, comfortable hotel to book for a romantic holiday that will allow you to enjoy the clear, warm waters and picture-perfect sunsets with your partner.

During the day, you can swim or snorkel to your heart’s content, or relax at one of the freshwater pools, one of which has a mini waterfall. It’s a great spot to escape the bustling city life without feeling cut off from civilization. 

The Verandah

Location: St. Philip’s 

What we like: Recently upgraded facilities

With so many all-inclusive resorts in Antigua, it can be hard to decide which one to choose. We think this is a great time for a stay at The Verandah. It recently reopened after an extensive renovation, making its debut as an adults-only hotel in November 2023.

Look forward to lazy floats in the calm waters, relaxing in a poolside cabana or in-pool lounger, or getting more active. A wealth of water sports are on offer, including SUP, kayaking, and snorkeling. When it’s time to dine, there are five restaurants to choose from, including options for romantic waterfront dinners.

Couples are sure to enjoy their alone time in suites that feel more like a Caribbean cottage. All come with private, furnished verandahs for gazing out at the tropical views. Combined with the tranquil atmosphere, the mood is perfectly set for romance.

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