Santa Barbara, a coastal gem on California’s Central Coast, beckons honeymooners with its idyllic charm. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains, the city exudes romance. Couples can explore pristine beaches, stroll through the enchanting Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, or savor local wines in the nearby Santa Ynez Valley. The historic architecture of downtown, coupled with the serene landscapes, provides a perfect backdrop for intimate moments. With a Mediterranean climate, Santa Barbara offers year-round appeal, making it a dreamy destination where newlyweds can create unforgettable memories amidst breathtaking coastal beauty.

The 13 Best Honeymoon Resorts in Santa Barbara

Simpson House Inn

4-star hotel
Our Rating

Nestled in the heart of Santa Barbara, Simpson House Inn stands as an enchanting haven for honeymooners seeking the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience. Let the timeless elegance of this historic inn set the stage for a romantic getaway you’ll treasure forever. Luxurious Ambiance: As you step into…

Harbor House Inn

3-star hotel
Our Rating

The intimate charm and coastal allure of the Harbor House Inn in Santa Barbara, located just a short block away from the immaculate West Beach, make it an ideal destination for honeymooners. Being a boutique hotel run by a family, it is a tribute to the charm of the coastal…

Palihouse Santa Barbara

4-star hotel
Our Rating

The intimate charm, elegant design, and flawless service of Palihouse Santa Barbara, located in the heart of Santa Barbara’s Historic Presidio Neighborhood, make it an ideal destination for honeymooners. This seaside hideaway offers a romantic getaway in one of California’s most alluring locations by skillfully fusing old traditions with contemporary…

The Genevieve

4-star hotel
Our Rating

Escape to an alluring and intimate retreat where every moment is infused with enchantment at The Genevieve. This 20-room boutique hotel, nestled in the heart of Santa Ynez, beckons honeymooners to a secret getaway where indulgence knows no bounds. Intimate Elegance: The Genevieve welcomes you to an atmosphere of intimate…

Santa Barbara Inn

3-star hotel
Our Rating

Located on Santa Barbara’s sun-kissed shores, the Santa Barbara Inn is a luxurious haven that provides honeymooners with an enthralling getaway. Couples seeking a perfect blend of coastal sophistication and romance are drawn to this inn because of its charming boutique, luxurious accommodations, and mesmerizing event spaces. Intimate Luxury: The…

El Encanto

5-star hotel
Our Rating

El Encanto, A Belmond Hotel, in Santa Barbara, is tucked away next to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the El Presidio, which is a historic and sophisticated landmark. This magnificent hotel offers the ideal combination of luxury, stunning views, and an abundance of amenities for an unforgettable romantic…

Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara

5-star hotel
Our Rating

The Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara is an unrivaled haven of luxury, providing honeymooners with an exquisite retreat where opulence meets the natural beauty of the American Riviera. It is tucked away just steps from the immaculate shores of one of California’s most beautiful beaches. Seaside Elegance: Four…

Harbor View Inn

4-star hotel
Our Rating

Embrace the epitome of coastal luxury at Harbor View Inn, Santa Barbara’s premier 4-Diamond boutique oceanfront hotel. This enchanting retreat beckons honeymooners with its idyllic location, impeccable amenities, and a blend of sophistication and beachside charm. Boutique Elegance by the Sea: Harbor View Inn stands as a testament to boutique…

Hotel Santa Barbara

3-star hotel
Our Rating

Honeymooners are greeted by Hotel Santa Barbara, a quaint fusion of modern comfort and historic elegance, nestled in the center of downtown Santa Barbara. The warm and welcoming ambiance of this Spanish/Mediterranean-style haven makes it the ideal setting for a romantic getaway. Downtown Romance: Hotel Santa Barbara’s prime downtown location…

Kimpton Canary Hotel Santa Barbara

4-star hotel
Our Rating

Nestled in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, the newly renovated Kimpton Canary Hotel emerges as a sanctuary of luxury, offering a 4-star boutique experience tailored for honeymooners seeking a perfect blend of sophistication and romance. Elevated Elegance: Step into a world of refined elegance as you enter Kimpton Canary…

Montecito Inn

4-star hotel
Our Rating

The Montecito Inn, tucked away in the quaint community of Montecito, is a monument to classic elegance, providing honeymooners with a delightful hideaway that skillfully combines traditional luxury with contemporary comfort. Enchanting Gardens: The Montecito Inn welcomes you with lush gardens, providing a serene and enchanting backdrop for your romantic…

The Ritz-Carlton Bacara

5-star hotel
Our Rating

Embrace the epitome of luxury and romance at The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara. Nestled against the stunning backdrop of golden beaches and lush mountains, this iconic Central California resort invites honeymooners to immerse themselves in a world of charm, beauty, and Mediterranean-inspired elegance. Mediterranean Splendor: As you enter The Ritz-Carlton…

Hotel Milo Santa Barbara

3-star hotel
Our Rating

With its traditional California charm and location near West Beach’s sun-kissed shores, Hotel Milo Santa Barbara entices honeymooners with its picture-perfect setting where Santa Barbara’s natural beauty blends with the Pacific Ocean. Coastal Elegance: Hotel Milo welcomes you to an atmosphere of coastal elegance, capturing the essence of Santa Barbara’s…

About Santa Barbara

Average Cost of a One Week Santa Barbara Honeymoon

Average Cost of a One Week Santa Barbara Honeymoon

The cost of a one-week honeymoon in Santa Barbara can vary based on factors such as the time of year, travel style, and personal preferences. Here’s a general breakdown to guide honeymooners:


Round-trip Flights: Depending on your location and the time of booking, airfare to Santa Barbara can range from $300 to $800 or more per person. Consider booking in advance and exploring different airlines for the best deals.


Hotel/Resort: Santa Barbara offers a range of accommodations. Budget options might start around $150 per night, while luxury resorts can exceed $400 or more. On average, plan for $200-$300 per night for mid-range accommodations.

Daily Expenses

    • Meals: Dining costs can vary. Budget for approximately $50-$100 per day per person for meals, depending on whether you choose casual or fine dining experiences.
    • Transportation: If you plan to rent a car, factor in rental costs and fuel expenses. Alternatively, consider using public transportation or rideshare services.
    • Activities: Santa Barbara offers various activities, such as wine tasting, outdoor excursions, and spa treatments. Budget around $50-$100 per day per person for activities.
    • Miscellaneous: Include additional costs for shopping, souvenirs, and unexpected expenses.

Average Total Cost

  • Airfare: $300 – $800 per person
  • Accommodations: $200 – $300 per night (x 7 nights)
  • Meals: $50 – $100 per day (x 7 days)
  • Transportation: Variable (car rental, rideshares, etc.)
  • Activities/Miscellaneous: $50 – $100 per day

Total Estimated Cost: $2,500 – $5,000 per person for a week-long honeymoon in Santa Barbara. Keep in mind that these are general estimates, and actual costs can vary based on personal choices and circumstances. Research and plan according to your preferences and budget constraints.

Best Time to Visit Santa Barbara

Best Time to Visit Santa Barbara

The best time to visit Santa Barbara for a honeymoon depends on your preferences and the type of experience you desire. However, Santa Barbara generally enjoys mild and pleasant weather throughout the year. Here are some considerations for different seasons:

  1. Spring (March to May):
    • Weather: Mild temperatures, blooming flowers, and longer days.
    • Activities: Ideal for outdoor activities, wine tasting, and exploring the scenic landscapes.
  2. Summer (June to August):
    • Weather: Warm and sunny weather with temperatures ranging from comfortable to moderately warm.
    • Activities: Popular for beach activities, water sports, and attending outdoor events. However, it can be a busier tourist season.
  3. Fall (September to November):
    • Weather: Mild temperatures, especially in the early fall, with a slight chance of rain.
    • Activities: Good for exploring vineyards, hiking, and enjoying the fall foliage in nearby areas.
  4. Winter (December to February):
    • Weather: Cool temperatures but generally mild compared to many other parts of the country.
    • Activities: Winter is the off-season, offering a quieter atmosphere. It’s suitable for indoor activities, spa experiences, and enjoying the local culture.


  • Crowds: Summer tends to be busier with tourists, especially around popular attractions. If you prefer a more tranquil experience, consider the shoulder seasons of spring and fall.
  • Events: Check for local events or festivals happening during your visit. Santa Barbara hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year.
  • Budget: Prices for accommodations and activities may vary seasonally. Off-peak seasons might offer better deals.
  • Climate: Santa Barbara’s climate is Mediterranean, so even in winter, it’s relatively mild. However, if you’re seeking warmer beach weather, spring and summer are preferable.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Santa Barbara depends on your personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures, relaxation, or cultural experiences, Santa Barbara offers a diverse range of activities year-round.

About Honeymooning in Santa Barbara

About Honeymooning in Santa Barbara

Here’s a breakdown of what you should know about honeymooning in Santa Barbara, focusing on culture, currency, and cuisine:


  1. Relaxed Atmosphere:
  2. Arts and Culture:
    • Explore the city’s artistic side by visiting galleries, attending cultural events, or enjoying performances at local theaters.
  3. Outdoor Lifestyle:
    • Embrace the outdoor lifestyle with activities like hiking, biking, and beachcombing. Santa Barbara’s natural beauty plays a significant role in its culture.


  1. United States Dollar (USD):
    • The official currency in Santa Barbara is the United States Dollar. Credit cards are widely accepted, and ATMs are easily accessible.
  2. Currency Exchange:
    • Currency exchange services are available at banks and exchange bureaus, but it’s advisable to carry some cash for small purchases.


  1. Farm-to-Table Dining:
    • Santa Barbara is renowned for its farm-to-table dining scene. Enjoy fresh and locally sourced ingredients at restaurants that prioritize sustainable and organic practices.
  2. Seafood Delights:
    • Given its coastal location, Santa Barbara offers a variety of fresh seafood. Indulge in dishes like grilled local fish or Santa Barbara spot prawns.
  3. Wine Country:
    • Explore the nearby Santa Ynez Valley, a wine region famous for its vineyards and wineries. Wine tasting is a must, and the region offers a romantic setting for a day trip.
  4. Mexican and Spanish Influences:
    • Experience the influence of Mexican and Spanish cuisines in Santa Barbara’s culinary scene. Enjoy dishes like tacos, enchiladas, and paella.
  5. Boutique Wineries:
    • Discover boutique wineries in the Funk Zone and other areas, offering unique wine-tasting experiences amidst artistic and vibrant surroundings.

General Tips:

  1. Weather:
    • Santa Barbara has a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures. Pack accordingly, considering the season of your visit.
  2. Transportation:
    • Consider renting a car to explore nearby areas. Alternatively, use local transportation or rideshare services.
  3. Local Events:
    • Check for local events, festivals, or cultural happenings during your visit. Santa Barbara often hosts events celebrating art, music, and food.
  4. Beach Activities:
    • Take advantage of the beautiful beaches. Whether it’s a relaxing day by the ocean or trying out water sports, the coastline is a highlight.
  5. Spa Experiences:
    • Treat yourselves to spa experiences. Many hotels and resorts offer couples’ packages for relaxation and pampering.

Santa Barbara’s blend of natural beauty, culinary delights, and a relaxed atmosphere creates a perfect backdrop for a romantic honeymoon. Embrace the local culture, savor the diverse cuisine, and enjoy the coastal paradise.

Best Activities for a Santa Barbara Honeymoon

Best Activities for a Santa Barbara Honeymoon

Santa Barbara offers a variety of romantic activities for a memorable honeymoon. Here are some of the best activities to consider during your Santa Barbara honeymoon:

  1. Wine Tasting in the Santa Ynez Valley:
    • Explore the nearby Santa Ynez Valley, known for its picturesque vineyards and wineries. Enjoy wine tasting in a romantic setting.
  2. Beach Picnic:
    • Pack a picnic basket and head to one of Santa Barbara’s beautiful beaches, such as Butterfly Beach or East Beach, for a relaxing day by the ocean.
  3. Sunset Cruise:
    • Embark on a romantic sunset cruise along the coastline. Several companies offer sailing or catamaran cruises, providing stunning views of the sunset over the Pacific.
  4. Hiking in the Santa Barbara Hills:
    • Enjoy a scenic hike in the Santa Barbara hills, offering panoramic views of the city and coastline. Popular trails include Inspiration Point and Rattlesnake Canyon Trail.
  5. Spa Day:
    • Treat yourselves to a luxurious spa day. Many resorts and hotels in Santa Barbara offer couples’ spa packages for relaxation and pampering.
  6. Art Exploration in the Funk Zone:
    • Explore the vibrant Funk Zone, known for its street art, galleries, and eclectic atmosphere. It’s a great place for a leisurely stroll and art appreciation.
  7. Romantic Dining in Downtown Santa Barbara:
    • Experience romantic dinners at some of Santa Barbara’s top restaurants. Downtown Santa Barbara offers a variety of dining options, from upscale cuisine to cozy bistros.
  8. Hot Air Balloon Ride:
    • Take a hot air balloon ride over the picturesque Santa Ynez Valley for a breathtaking and romantic experience.
  9. Visit the Old Mission Santa Barbara:
    • Explore the historic Old Mission Santa Barbara, known for its beautiful architecture and scenic surroundings. It’s a serene and romantic spot.
  10. Kayaking in the Channel Islands:
    • Take a day trip to the Channel Islands and go kayaking, exploring sea caves and enjoying the natural beauty of this coastal destination.
  11. Cultural Events and Festivals:
    • Check for local cultural events or festivals happening during your visit. Santa Barbara hosts various events throughout the year, offering a blend of art, music, and food.
  12. Shopping on State Street:
    • Spend a day shopping on State Street, exploring boutique shops and finding unique souvenirs to commemorate your honeymoon.
  13. Visit Lotusland:
    • Explore the magical gardens of Lotusland, a botanical garden showcasing rare and exotic plants, providing a peaceful and romantic escape.
  14. Chocolate Tasting Tour:
    • Indulge in a chocolate tasting tour in downtown Santa Barbara. Many artisanal chocolate shops offer delectable treats for sweethearts.
  15. Stargazing at Santa Barbara Observatory:
    • Visit the Santa Barbara Observatory for a romantic evening of stargazing. The observatory often hosts public telescope nights.

These activities offer a mix of adventure, relaxation, and romance, allowing you to create cherished memories during your Santa Barbara honeymoon.

Weather in Santa Barbara

Weather in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild temperatures and a generally pleasant year-round climate. Here’s an overview of the weather in Santa Barbara throughout the year:

  1. Spring:
    • Daytime temperatures typically range from the mid-60s to mid-70s Fahrenheit (18-24°C).
    • Spring is characterized by blooming flowers, making it a visually appealing time to visit.
  2. Summer:
    • Daytime temperatures range from the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit (24-29°C).
    • Summer is the peak tourist season, with warm and sunny weather, ideal for beach activities.
  3. Fall:
    • Daytime temperatures range from the mid-60s to mid-70s Fahrenheit (18-24°C).
    • Fall is a pleasant time to visit, with slightly cooler temperatures and fewer tourists.
  4. Winter:
    • Daytime temperatures typically range from the mid-50s to mid-60s Fahrenheit (13-18°C).
    • Winter is the off-season, but Santa Barbara remains relatively mild compared to many other parts of the country. It might experience occasional rain, but the weather is generally comfortable.

Overall, Santa Barbara is a year-round destination with a climate that makes it appealing for various outdoor activities and experiences. Keep in mind that temperatures can vary, and it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast closer to your travel dates for more accurate information.

Is Santa Barbara Safe for a Honeymoon?

Is Santa Barbara Safe for a Honeymoon?

Santa Barbara is generally considered a safe destination for tourists, including honeymooners. It’s known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. However, like any travel destination, it’s essential to exercise common-sense precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips:

  1. Safe Neighborhoods:
    • Santa Barbara has many safe and welcoming neighborhoods. Popular areas for tourists include downtown Santa Barbara, Montecito, and the waterfront.
  2. Beach Safety:
    • When enjoying the beaches, be mindful of the ocean conditions and follow any posted guidelines. Swim in designated areas with lifeguards, and be aware of potential rip currents.
  3. Night Safety:
    • Exercise caution when walking at night, especially in less populated areas. Stick to well-lit streets and populated areas, and avoid poorly lit or secluded places.
  4. Secure Belongings:
    • Keep your belongings secure, especially in crowded areas. Use hotel safes for valuable items and be cautious of pickpockets in tourist areas.
  5. Transportation Safety:
    • Use reputable transportation services, and if renting a car, secure valuables and park in well-lit areas. Santa Barbara also has reliable public transportation options.
  6. Emergency Services:
    • Familiarize yourself with emergency contact numbers, including local law enforcement (dial 911).
  7. Health and Safety Guidelines:
    • Follow health and safety guidelines, especially considering any ongoing public health concerns. Stay informed about local regulations and recommendations.
  8. Cultural Sensitivity:
    • Respect local customs and be considerate of the local culture. Santa Barbara is a diverse community, and politeness is appreciated.

While Santa Barbara is generally safe, it’s crucial to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions. Stay informed about your surroundings, trust your instincts, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and romantic atmosphere that Santa Barbara has to offer. If you have specific concerns or questions, local tourism offices and hotel staff are valuable resources for information and assistance.

Most Romantic Spots in Santa Barbara

Most Romantic Spots in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara offers a variety of romantic locations perfect for a honeymoon. Here are some enchanting spots to consider:

  1. Lotusland:
    • Explore the magical gardens of Lotusland, featuring unique and exotic plants, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere.
  2. Stearns Wharf:
    • Take a romantic stroll along Stearns Wharf, a historic pier with charming shops and restaurants, offering beautiful views of the ocean.
  3. Santa Barbara Courthouse:
    • Visit the Santa Barbara Courthouse, known for its stunning architecture and panoramic views of the city and mountains. The Sunken Gardens are particularly picturesque.
  4. Butterfly Beach:
    • Enjoy a quiet and romantic day at Butterfly Beach, known for its tranquil setting and beautiful sunset views over the Pacific.
  5. Santa Barbara Botanic Garden:
    • Wander through the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, where you can explore themed gardens and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you.
  6. Douglas Family Preserve:
    • Take a scenic hike in the Douglas Family Preserve, offering breathtaking views of the coastline and providing a secluded and romantic escape.
  7. Sunken Gardens at the Four Seasons Resort:
    • Indulge in luxury and romance at the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara, especially in the enchanting Sunken Gardens.
  8. Channel Islands:
    • Embark on a day trip to the Channel Islands for a secluded and romantic adventure, exploring the natural beauty and wildlife.
  9. Hot Air Balloon Ride:
    • Experience a hot air balloon ride over the picturesque landscapes of Santa Barbara, providing a unique and romantic perspective.
  10. Santa Barbara Wine Country:
    • Venture into the Santa Ynez Valley for a day of wine tasting, enjoying the romantic ambiance of vineyards and wineries.
  11. Santa Barbara Harbor:
    • Explore the Santa Barbara Harbor, especially in the evening when the lights create a magical atmosphere. Consider taking a sunset cruise.
  12. El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park:
    • Visit El Presidio for a historical and romantic experience, exploring the well-preserved adobe buildings and gardens.
  13. Ganna Walska Lotusland:
    • Discover the whimsical Ganna Walska Lotusland, featuring unique plant collections and stunning landscapes, providing a romantic and surreal experience.
  14. Sunset Kayaking:
    • Go kayaking during sunset for a romantic and peaceful experience on the water, offering beautiful views of the coastline.
  15. Cachuma Lake Recreation Area:
    • Escape to Cachuma Lake Recreation Area for a day of relaxation by the lake, surrounded by nature and tranquility.

These romantic locations in Santa Barbara provide a mix of natural beauty, cultural richness, and intimate settings, offering the perfect backdrop for your honeymoon.