South America


Embrace the majesty of the Andes, the howl of the Amazon and the Darwinian wonders of the Galapagos. From remote tropical islands to icy mountains, dense rainforests and crystal coasts, a honeymoon in Ecuador is an adventure into the happy heart of a honeymoon dream.

Even its cities are surrounded by natural beauty. Quito, the second-highest elevation capital city in the world, lies before towering green hills and the snow-capped Cotopaxi, the world’s tallest active volcano.

Take a guided rainforest hike and be surrounded by the green palace of the legendary Amazon jungle. Or cruise the Galapagos in a luxury yacht, zipping along the sparkling waters of the archipelago to experience the island views and enchanting flora and fauna. Take your sweetheart gallivanting through the isles and get up close with an array of wildlife that’s dazzled naturalists for years…including, of course, the humble giants of the Galapagos: The Galapagos tortoises, living over 100 years and weighing over 800 pounds.

Or head to one of Ecuador’s breathtaking colonial cities and shop the open-air markets for fresh fruits and vegetables, local crafts and beautiful hand-woven textiles. Looking for a party when the sun goes down? In a continent known for its festive people, the major Ecuadorean cities have no shortage of nightlife to keep couples going until dawn and a national celebration nearly every month.

From culture buffs to relaxation nuts and natural scenery to lovely luxury, honeymoons in Ecuador can be any kind of adventure you choose. However you do it, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of a land where time seems to slow down just for you to experience it.

Destinations to Explore

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