South America

Galapagos Islands

The result of eons of volcanic eruptions, the ancient isles of the Galapagos are the only Ecuadorean province surrounded by ocean hundred of miles from the mainland. Famously known as Charles Darwin’s scientific playground for studying evolution, the islands are now part of a massive ecological preserve full of animals known for their unique traits and general fearlessness of human contact. The island’s birds chirp, massive 100-year old tortoises roam, scaly iguanas slither, and smiling sea lions greet visitors with friendly grunts like jolly thousand-pound worms.

To protect the islands, exploration in the National Park is only allowed with an official tour guide. Park entry is USD $100, but couples can see the honeymoon treasures of the Galapagos in a variety of ways. Rent a bike, ride the waves, snorkel the seas, dive the blue deep, kayak tandem or hop on horseback. All-inclusive vacation packages are available where honeymooners can cruise from island to island enjoying romantic sunset dinners, breathtaking island explorations and unique adventures to see all the best of the Galapagos for one easy price.

Retreat to your luxurious cabin in a sleek white catamaran, or to charming accommodations in one of the island’s fun little port cities, then the next day begin the romance all over again. It’s a honeymoon experience you won’t get anywhere else, and might not have the chance to do ever again…take your honeymoon in the Galapagos, feel the life of the islands and watch your love evolve to exciting new heights.