The bay ranks among one of the three most beautiful in the world. Unabashed fun runs around the clock around the year. It is one of Mexico’s largest cities, so there is a wider variety of activities and more authentic Mexican flavor here than in any other resort in the country. There are more sunny days here than anywhere else in the country. Glittering beaches and beautiful tropical scenery surround you. It’s no wonder that legendary movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, and Ava Gardner chose to get married here and that today’s couples find it to be a perfect place to honeymoon or tie the knot.

From traditional Acapulco where the fun began in the early ’50s to the ultra-modern Punta Diamante area near the airport, the bay is lined with glittering hotels, romantic restaurants, and plenty of opportunities for sports and sightseeing. Stretch out on a palm-lined beach, go waterskiing, soar over the bay in a parachute or hop a jet ski or a catamaran. Visit museums, shop for take-home treasures, follow historic paths, and your happy honeymoon days will fly by.

The atmosphere is informal. Plop a flower behind your ear, throw on a bathing suit cover-up and you’ll be ready for almost anything by day. Hotels and restaurants are so beautiful and discos and clubs are so dazzling that you’ll want to dress up in pretty resort wear when the sun goes down and the city switches into the high gear that it is famous for.

You can pick and choose to make every honeymoon day suit your mood. Spend mornings on one of the beautiful beaches. Linger over a long lunch at a seaside restaurant. Have a siesta then dine, and later dance till dawn at a dazzling disco and dance some more at a sleek after-hours club. The fun never stops.

Take the place at your own pace and you’ll find that your honeymoon dreams will come true!

The 1 Best Honeymoon Resorts in Acapulco

Hotel Acapulco Malibu

3-star hotel
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The Hotel Acapulco Malibu is located in the golden zone of Acapulco, surrounded by luxurious restaurants as well as wonderful malls. It is a small hotel — 80 rooms — perfect for value conscious couples who want to enjoy all of Acapulco’s assets without paying top dollar. It has its…

About Acapulco

At a Glance

There is an outrageous number of things to see and do. Choose what fits your mood, but try to do a few of the following:

  • DANCE TILL DAWN & BEYOND: Acapulco’s nightlife is legendary. Discos defy any in the world to out dazzle them. The beat goes on in Baby O, Mandara, Palladio, and others, and you can keep it going past dawn at after-hours clubs like Lebrije.
  • SHOP, SHOP, SHOP: Get a glimpse of daily Mexican life at the huge Mercado Municipal. It is the place to find an array of reasonably priced handicrafts and just about everything else under the sun. It is one of Mexico’s largest municipal markets. (Ask your taxi driver to let you off near the Artesanias section.) Or, look for chic decorative items for your new home at Acapulco’s newest mall, La Isla. This stunning, modern complex is a world in itself, chock-a-block with sleek boutiques, stores, and restaurants.
  • WATCH THE CLIFF DIVERS AT LA QUEBRADA: This internationally famous, death-defying feat has become Acapulco’s trademark. Divers plunge 130 ft. into the ocean through a narrow opening in the rocks. Ask your concierge for showtimes. Couples who want to make a night of it can watch the show while dining at Hotel El Mirador where you’ll also get a glimpse of Traditional Acapulco.
  • TRACE HISTORY AT SAN DIEGO FORT: Acapulco played a major role in Mexico’s history as the main port for the Americas’ trade with the Orient. A small museum built into the old fort which was built to protect the bay from pirates puts the colorful history on display. Another fascinating museum which features the region’s local masks is just down the hill.
  • BE A SPORT: Water sports abound. Water ski in the place where the sport was invented. Hop a wave runner, Sunfish, or even an inner tube on just about any beach. Soar over the bay in a parachute built for two. Go deep-sea fishing or scuba diving. Play golf on championship courses like the Acapulco Princess, Pierre Marques, or Tres Vidas. You’ll love it all!
  • SEE THE SURROUNDINGS: Hire a driver and see Acapulco end to end. Rent a hammock, order a Cocoloco, and enjoy watching the waves at Pie de la Cuesta. Water ski on pristine Coyuca Lagoon. See where the Hollywood fun began at Caleta Beach and Old Acapulco. Drive through town and see The Zocalo with its charming bandstand. Travel along Costera Miguel Alemanwhere so many hotels are located, then climb the hill to the posh Las Brisas section where millionaires and celebrities have built magnificent homes. Then, go out to the pristine Tres Palos Lagoon to go freshwater fishing and to see amazing tropical birds. Afterward, visit the sleek shops and restaurants in the new Diamante At the end of the day you’ll have discovered why there’s never a dull moment in Acapulco!

Fast Facts

  • CURRENCY: The Peso.
  • ELECTRICITY: 110 volts, same as the USA.
  • WHEN TO GO: December-Easter is prime time. Humidity escalates from July to October but even in this rainy season, showers are short and usually fall in the late afternoon so you won’t miss tanning time!

Honeymoon Hints

  • THE SUN IS strong so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreens and wear a hat. Try to be in the shade around high noon.
  • GETTING AROUND: Taxis are the easiest way to go. They charge by zone but be sure to establish a price before you get in. Drivers do not expect tips but most passengers leave small change. Don’t expect drivers to be able to change large bills.
  • HIRE A CAR FOR THE DAY TO SEE THE SIGHTS: The price is reasonable and you can see Acapulco’s beauty from Pie de la Cuesta to Diamante.
  • WATCH FOR THE RED FLAG: Water temperatures are comfortable year-round and swimming conditions are excellent on most beaches but don’t swim when the red flag is up!
  • MAKE reservations to dine in the romantic hillside restaurants. Request a table for two near the railing or one with a panoramic view. Mentioning that you are on your honeymoon will help!
  • BE CAREFUL WHEN CROSSING THE STREET: Drivers along the Costera Aleman, the main seaside highway, do not always obey traffic lights. Try to cross with others.
  • BRING A STURDY CHANGE PURSE: Mexican coins are heavy!