A honeymoon on the Cayman Islands is spectacular proof that big things really do come in little packages. With stunning coral reefs, brilliantly clear waters, sun-kissed beaches including the famous Seven Mile Beach, an endless choice of FINE DININGand TOP-NOTCH RESORTS, and of course, the wonderfully mellow vibe of the people, the Cayman Islands everything you want in a Caribbean adventure along with three times the romance.

Just 90 miles south of Cuba and 480 miles from Miami, the Cayman Islands form an island group in the Caribbean Sea that is a British Overseas Territory. Geologically the islands are the tips of a massive underwater ridge, accounting for its breathtaking craggy limestone bluffs, called bracs by the Scottish fisherman who settled here in the 1700s. Grand Cayman (the biggest island), Cayman Brac and Little Cayman make up the tropical playground where you and your love will explore pristine shorelines, swim with stingrays, snorkel in the world’s clearest waters, dive to discover a sunken wreck and experience a whirlwind of activities in idyllic bliss.

Whether lazing on the beach with a tropical drink or enjoying more active pursuits, a tropical honeymoon on the Cayman Islands is a paradise of indulgence. While this is certainly not an inexpensive travel experience, you’ll be treated to a magical expanse of lavish treats in one of the top destinations of the Caribbean, and perhaps even the world.


About Cayman Islands

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There are three main islands to the Caymans and each offers their own unique joys. The biggest, Grand Cayman, features the beautiful reef-protected lagoon known as North Sound,andthe capital city of George Town where you’ll find the finest cuisine and shopping in the territory. Then there’s Cayman Bracand itspeaceful beaches, which don’t see as much tourist traffic making it a perfect place to kick back in a hammock and enjoy the breeze. Lastly is Little Cayman, the smallest and most tranquil of the three. On all the islands, when you’re not lavishing in complete serenity, you’ll have access to plenty of adventure including some of the best fishing, diving and snorkeling to be found anywhere in the Caribbean.

  • SWIM WITH STINGRAYS, Grand Cayman: North Sound is home to a wildspectacle called Stingray City. It’s been called the world’s best 4-meter dive site, allowing adventurous divers a chance to swim with—and even feed—the throng of stingrays that gather there. A uniquely Caymanian experience that’s truly astonishing.
  • VISIT THE CASTLE, Savanna: Stroll through native flora with spectacular views on the island from atop the dramatic Great Pedro Bluff outside of Cayman’s oldest stone structure, Pedro St. James Castle. This remarkable building was once the courthouse and jail and is the perfect way to experience the history and scenery of the East End and North Side region of Grand Cayman. Address: Pedro Castle Road Phone: 345-947-3329 Website: www.pedrostjames.ky
  • RELAX OR PLAY ON SEVEN MILE BEACH, Grand Cayman. On the big island’s west side, the world-renowned strip of golden sand called Seven Mile Beach is a beach lovers Eden. Swim, rest under the casuarina trees, jog and enjoy all manner of water sports excitement from windsurfing and kayaking to water-skiing and parasailing.
  • GO FISHING. Perhaps the number one activity of all the Cayman Islands is setting out in the sparkling waters for remarkable fishing. Put an extra thrill in your honeymoon by reeling in prized catches such as blue marlin, wahoo, mahimahi, tuna and even bonefish.
  • PICNIC ON OWEN ISLAND. Nothing is more romantic than feeling the Caribbean breeze as you row over to Owen Island for an intimate picnic with your love. Just off of Little Cayman, the short and easy boat trip brings you to a secluded white sand beach and a stunning blue lagoon.
  • GET WILD ON GRAND CAYMAN. One of the best experiences on the big island is easy and costs nothing—a hike along the 2-mile Mastic Trail. Explore a dry subtropical forestwith a tremendous variety of plants and animals that can be found nowhere else but here.


Fast Facts

  • AREA CODE: 345
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • CURRENCY: The Cayman Islands dollar. The United States dollar is accepted most everywhere in the region. Also, Grand Cayman has plenty of ATMs, while Brac Cayman has one and Little Cayman has none.
  • ELECTRICITY: The 110-volt system is used on the islands, which is the same as in the United States and Canada.
  • GETTING AROUND: Renting a car is an option, but an inexpensive alternative is to get around through one of the many tours. If you do rent a car, remember to drive on the left side of the road, British style. Taxis, limos and buses are available, too. Of course with such perfect weather you may want to rent a bike or simply walk!


Honeymoon Hints

  • ATTIRE: Inhabitants of the islands love their sun, but remain fairly conservative in dress and manners. Try not to wear bathing suits or revealing beachwear outside a beach area or cruise ship. This is a British crown colony that has customs and etiquette hundreds of years old. For example, profanity in public is seen as unacceptable behavior.