10 Best Beaches in Mexico (2024)

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By Jim Campbell | Updated on February 15, 2024

Here are the Top 10 Mexico beaches where you’ll find spectacular scenery and romance plus Mexico’s glorious coastline is dotted with some of the best honeymoon destinations on this planet. Beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean are full of honeymoon dreams-come-true. They’re lined with cutting edge hotels and resorts, exciting water sports, wide varieties of things to do, and plenty of nightlife, but almost all of them manage to retain an unspoiled, fresh air look and feel. There is so much to choose from that you can plan each honeymoon day to suit your mood.

Generally, there are also smaller, satellite resorts or hotels just outside of town where you can luxuriate in lush natural settings and be alone together far from the crowds. To make things even better, Mexico is affordable. Thanks to favorable exchange rates and very fair prices, you can indulge in luxuries here that you may not be able to afford back home.

Also, chances are more than good that the weather will be fine enough to cloak your honeymoon in warm sunshine year ‘round.


10. Acapulco

Unabashed fun-in-the-sun runs around the clock, all year here. The weather is dependably great. Overlooking one of the world’s most spectacular bays, graceful, palm lined beaches, water sports, sleek shopping malls and barefoot seaside restaurants also vie for attention. After dark, everything switches into high gear. Sophisticated restaurants offer panoramic views of renowned Acapulco Bay. Glittering clubs and discos, equal to any in the world, often go until dawn. This is a place for couples who truly love to dance the night away and have breakfast before going to sleep. It’s action packed 24/7!


9. Ixtapa/Zihautanejo

Stay in Ixtapa’s modern seaside Hotel Zone or over in the tiny fishing village of Zihuatanejo four miles away where top-of-the-line boutique hotels are nestled along the beach and on the hillside. This is a place where you can go barefoot, relax in a hammock, sip a Coco Loco under a palm tree or linger over lunch at a shaded table on the sand. The two-for-one combination is unbeatable and so is the weather!


8. Manzanillo

The coastline here is scalloped and chances are that you’ll want to honeymoon in one of the all inclusive properties that lie on one of the tranquil bays. Las Hadas achieved Hollywood fame when the sexy move classic “10” was filmed, but there are plenty of other equally elegant resorts which offer sybaritic comforts and a wide range of on site activities.


7. Mazatlan

This is a wild and wonderful destination with a rustic look but plenty of contemporary amenities. If you like exciting big game fishing, surfing, shooting (duck and pheasant) and the Great Outdoors, this is your place. Travel along the seaside highway in the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) or along some of the other broad and beautiful beaches and you’ll find a perfect place to while away your honeymoon days. The picturesque restored downtown area is full of galleries, cozy restaurants and small museums and theaters. This is a place where you can “let it all hang out” and love it!


6. Riviera Nayarit

Two hundred miles of pristine Pacific coast are dotted with sprawling resorts in all price ranges. Mountains slope to the sea. Small towns put rich indigenous cultures on display. Water sports abound. Tranquility reigns. This is for couples who enjoy serenity plus.


5. Puerto Vallarta

A recent makeover of the already picturesque downtown area has made this one of the most perfect honeymoon destinations in the country. Walk along the new seaside promenade (Malecon) and you’ll see one of the major reasons why. Beaches along Banderas Bay are ideal for swimming and water sports. Mountains slope to the water’s edge offering scenic settings for boutique hotels and inviting clubs and restaurants. The strong resident community spirit makes the welcome genuinely warm. Love is in the air!


4. Los Cabos

This was a rustic, world-renowned mecca for sports (marlin and sailfish) fishermen for years because of its strategic location at the tip of the Baja California peninsula where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Then, Hollywood stars discovered the unspoiled beauty of the desert that slips down to the ocean. Luxury hotels and challenging championship golf courses with spectacular water views came on the scene and today “Cabo” successfully combines the simple life with pampered luxury. Today, though a 200 lb. fish is still a minnow to fishermen, non-fishermen can play a round of golf, luxuriate in spa treatments, enjoy international cuisine in beautiful restaurants and be surrounded by the utmost in creature comforts. You’ll love it all!


3. Cozumel

3. Cozumel

Mexico’s smallest island has a barefoot feel but it’s packed with heavenly honeymoon pleasures. Surrounded by world famous coral reefs and clear waters with amazing visibility, it is a scuba divers’ paradise. Everything is mini-sized, easily accessible and extremely cozy and romantic. Even the Mayan archaeological sites are tiny but exquisite. They make you feel as if the original inhabitants left only a few minutes ago! This captivating, informal island is one of the few places in the world where non-divers can stand in the water with a mask to watch colorful marine life swim by.


2. Cancun

2. Cancun

On the Caribbean just a short flight from Miami, Cancun offers sophisticated, big city honeymoon pleasures. Large, self contained hotels that surpass international standards line the Hotel Zone peninsula that is bordered by amazing turquoise waters on one side and a gentle lagoon on the other. A beach is rarely more than a few steps away. Discos, small casinos, trendy shopping malls with top-of-the-lie merchandise from throughout the world and great, cozy restaurants vie for attention. You feel as if a plethora of pleasures are at your fingertips every minute and they are!


1. The Riviera Maya

1. The Riviera Maya

The stretch of land in the Mayan “countryside” that links Cancun with the ancient archaeological site of Tulum, and the surrounding area is lined with elegant, sprawling self contained resorts that look like modern movie sets and offer all the amenities you need for honeymoon happiness. Most are all inclusive so you’ll never have to leave the premises unless you want to.


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