A honeymoon on the island of Phuket, Thailand is a lover’s dream come true. Not only are the beaches gorgeous, the cuisine exciting and the landscape beautiful, but decadence and luxury here is more affordable than in almost any other honeymoon destination on earth.

Swim, splash, snorkel and dive in the warm blue waters off of Phuket’s breathtaking beaches. Play championship golf in an exotic paradise. Zip through turqouise bays on a speedboat, or cruise gently across the sea while you sip champagne and watch the sky turn orange at sunset. Phuket is an island-lover’s eden for honeymooners seeking an affordable romantic getaway in a stunning locale.

When the evening rolls around, see a live show and soak up the culture. But party animals won’t be disappointed either! In addition to more conventional bars, nightclubs and dance halls, open-minded couples will want to explore the Bangla Road Nightlife area in Patong Beach, where the raunchy late night scene is unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed.

From soft sand beaches to bright green jungles, pumping nightclubs to candlelit dinners, champagne cruises to racing speedboats, Phuket has it all…it’s is a prime destination for temptation and flirtation, making for a perfect honeymoon vacation!

The 2 Best Honeymoon Resorts in Phuket

Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

5-star hotel
Our Rating

Honeymoons are all about being pampered. Indulge yourself and your sweetie at Mom Tri’s Villa Royale, a seaside paradise where guests are treated like royalty. Designed by renowned artist and architect Mom Luang Tridhosyuth Devakul, a descent of a Thai ruler, guests will receive nothing less than the royal treatment.…

The Slate, Phuket

5-star hotel
Our Rating

Romance and style collide at The Slate. Conveniently located on Nai Yang Beach, the resort is just minutes away from the airport. Soft touches of indigo décor and cool blue lighting offset the concrete floors of the resort. The tin mining theme, evident throughout the grounds, pays homage to Thai…

About Phuket

At a Glance

  • KOH HE (CORAL ISLAND): The waters off of Koh He, or Coral Island, are perfect for watersports or just basking in the beauty of the tropical landscape. Protected by its own reefs, Koh He draws tourists even in the monsoon season, when honeymooners can take advantage of reduced rates at hotels and resorts around Phuket.
  • DIVE INTO WATERSPORTS: All of Phuket’s major beaches offer watersports gear and instruction, for generally very affordable fees. Try your hand at snorkeling, diving, sailing and windsurfing, to name a few. Just don’t swim where there are red flags posted – these mean dangerous surf conditions!
  • MAKE A SPA DATE: With Thai massages and spas being nothing short of legendary, it’s not a shockers Phuket is one of the world’s most celebrated spa destinations. You can get a stellar massage for rock-bottom prices, or book an elaborate day of exotic and invigorating treatments at a high-end spa resort. Whichever you choose, you’ve got to treat yourselves to the healing hands of Phuket’s spa scene.
  • KOH RACHA: The white, powdery sand on these outlying islands off of Phuket’s coast draw barefoot honeymooners down into the warm, bright blue water, and the views of Phuket from atop the hills overlooking the bay are the perfect place to steal a honeymoon kiss. Just when we thought Phuket beaches couldn’t get any more beautiful, we discovered Koh Racha.
  • VISIT A TEMPLE: Chalong Temple is the big one on Phuket, with a rich history and gorgeous grounds.
  • GET BITTEN BY THE LOVE BUG: Thankfully you won’t actually get bitten here, but the Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World makes for a great little honeymoon trip. Get an up-close look at some truly marvelous insect species, in all their colorful glory. The Phuket Aquarium and the Crocodile Farm are also fun for nature-loving honeymooners looking for something fun.
  • SEE THE LAND: We already know about Phuket’s incredible beaches, but the incredible views at Prom Thep Cape and Kata Karon Viewpoint should not be missed. Couples can also trek, bike or kayak to see the island’s best, and we highly recommend you check out some of the local waterfalls, which include the tallest in Thailand.

Fast Facts

  • GETTING THERE: Phuket Airport is located on the northern end of the island, and services flights mostly from Europe, Australia and other parts of southeast Asia. Travelers coming in from the US generally arrive in Bangkok and then get a connecting flight to Phuket. Couples driving in from the mainland would be crossing the Thao Thepkasattri Bridge. Phuket can also be reached via ferries leaving from Ko Phi Phi and Krabi, on the southern coast of the Thai mainland.
  • GETTING AROUND: Phuket is divided into 3 districts: Amphoe Muang, Amphoe Thalang and Amphoe Kathu. Rental cars are an easy way to get around, but be careful, as accidents are extremely common. Buses run from Phuket Town to the major beaches. You can also get a Tuk-Tuk, but beware – they are expensive and drivers tend to be tricky, so always bargain hard and agree on the price beforehand. Also, don’t be fooled if a Tuk-Tuk driver tells you that bus service has stopped – this is a common tactic they use to trick tourists into giving them more business. Taxis are generally a good choice, but can be hard to find. When hailing one, keep your hand horizontal with fingers facing down or your approach will be seen as rude.
  • CLIMATE: There are two principal seasons on Phuket: The “Green”, or Monsoon Season from May to October, and a cooler season from November to February. The weather during these months is more mild and water tends to be clearer.
  • LANGUAGE: Thai is the official tongue, and locals always appreciate when tourists try to speak the language, but English is widely spoken in Phuket.
  • TIPPING: As in other parts of Thailand, tipping is not customary on Phuket, but is always appreciated for stellar service! Taxis usually round up the fare for their “tip,” and hotels/restaurants add a 10% service charge in place of additional gratuity. If you do tip for exceptional service, 5-10% will be appreciated at restaurants and 20-50 baht for bellboys, porters, etc. If you get an incredible massage, leave 20-100 baht for the masseuse.
  • ELECTRICITY: 220v/50H

Honeymoon Hints

  • FIND THE RIGHT BEACH: The beaches on the southern coast tend to be more packed than the northern beaches, which tend to stay quieter. Both coasts have something to offer, so visit some of the best beaches on both sides and find the perfect one for you!
  • RESPECT THE ROYALS: It is against the law in Thailand to disrespect the royal family, including stepping on currency bearing an image of the king. Therefore, the royal family should generally just be avoided as a topic of conversation, to be safe. Also, be sure to stand whenever the Thai national anthem is heard (everyone else will stand too, so just take the hint!)
  • TEMPLE ETIQUETTE: Dress conservatively when visiting temples – i.e., long skirts for women that cover shoulder and knees. Avoid flash photography, remove shoes before entering temples and don’t sit with feet facing the Buddha, because this is considered disrespectful. Cross-legged is best.
  • SAFETY: As in any exotic destination, stay aware and use common sense! Pickpockers often target tourists. Remain wary of anyone who suddenly wants to befriend you with sweetheart offers, lest they be trying to lure you into a con. With that being said, most of the people are quite friendly and hospitable, so keep your wits about you but don’t be afraid to meet the locals and soak up their culture!