Culinary Honeymoon

Food is an essential part of any celebration, and your honeymoon celebrates the start of your new life together. For a culinary honeymoon food is central to the whole trip and for foodie couples, it will be the highlight. Depending on your tastes, your culinary honeymoon could take you to Italy, Spain, Thailand or New Orleans.

Dining is a window to different cultures, and your culinary honeymoon can be tailored to your tastes, with experiences and adventures unique to each locale. Explore local cuisines and Michelin starred restaurants, visit local markets, and even learn some recipes to try at home when you get back. Enjoy fine dining in Paris or San Francisco, try out street food in Morocco or Puerto Vallarta, or enjoy Mediteranean cuisine in Greece.

Many honeymoon destinations and resorts have expert chefs who are happy to chat with guests, share their secrets and even conduct classes for aspiring gourmet cooks. Many hotels provide cooking classes to learn about local specialties to wow your family and friends back home.

With the popularity of organic and farm to table cuisines, you’ll find delicious and creative meals in major cities, as well as countryside locales. Fresh seafood is always a highlight of the cuisine at many coastal honeymoon destinations. At many locations, charter fishing trips will bring you back to a restaurant where they will cook your catch to enjoy ay your dinner at the beach.

Wine and beer are essential accompaniments to a good meal. Look for places where you can tour local vineyards and breweries, taste the wines and brews and learn which go best with local specialties.