Southeast Asia


Jungles, rivers and vistas abound along with green hills and blue skies, ancient sites, old-world wonders and modern luxury…Cambodia is a magical land where old, new and the present day all sleep in the same bed. Take a couple’s spa and be pampered by some of the world’s most skilled masters in the art of the rub-down, take a boat through a mysterious river with a local guide or trek through the jungle for some honeymoon adventure.

Or, for a more tranquil honeymoon in Cambodia, watch religious ceremonies and celebrations where costumed and masked practitioners dance, sing and juggle to the beats of old Cambodia’s varied folk and religious tradition. You’ve “become one” with each other, so enhance your togetherness with a cooking or meditation class and get closer than ever before. Culture buff couples can visit any number of temples, ancient sites or view a wide variety of festivals, performances and religious ceremonies.

Monkeys, snakes and other wildlife await in the jungle, quaint villages await in countryside, and elegant hotels loaded with luxurious amenities promise an escape to luxury whenever you need it. Give your love the blessing of an enchanted land with an unforgettable honeymoon in Cambodia.

About Cambodia

At a Glance

  • ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE COMPLEX: Newlyweds, adventurers and history buffs alike will be swept off their feet at this sacred spot in the jungle of Siem Reap. Explore the grounds by bicycle, discovering 12th century Hindu and Buddhist ruins entwined with tree roots and jungle vines. Wake up early and watch the ethereal sunrise over Angkor Wat with your love. You’ll never forget it.
  • ROYAL PALACE & SILVER PAGODA: Picture beautiful gardens, ornate details, gilded architecture and temple monkeys roaming free in the present-day home of the King of Cambodia and his family. Stroll the palace grounds hand-in-hand, admiring this spectacular landmark, a pride and joy of modern Cambodia.
  • SIHANOUKVILLE: This lesser-known seaside gem has all the natural beauty of Thai beaches without the crowds, and for a fraction of the cost. Dine on the beach with fresh-caught seafood, expertly crafted drinks, table service and your toes in the sand. Make a trip to the remote Otres beach, where gently rolling waves and thatched-roof tiki bars abound.
  • WAT PHNOM: Legend has that this hilltop temple was created by Lady Penh, for whom the city of Phnom Penh was named. Today, it’s a popular spot for locals to gather, make offerings, and pray. Summit the 88 foot hilltop, remove your shoes and experience the cherished temple’s interior, an exquisite bronze Buddhist shrine. Wat Phnom is sure to leave its mark on the two of you.

Fast Facts

  • GETTING THERE: Phnom Penh airport is on the opposite side of the globe from the US, and a layover is often necessary. Expect around a 20 to 25 hour flight with a layover from New York or LA.
  • GETTING AROUND: Tuk-Tuks (roofed carts pulled by a motor scooter) are the taxi of choice in Cambodia, and they are quite comfortable. Mini-buses are available to travel longer distances within the country, and can be booked at almost any hotel. Be sure to negotiate the price with your driver before you go anywhere.
  • WHEN TO VISIT: There are said to be three seasons in Cambodia: rainy season (July-October), dry season (November-February), and hot season (March-June). In the rainy season flash floods can occur, and the hot season can bring scorching temperatures, leaving November – February as the peak months to visit: in the warm, sunny, idyllic dry season.
  • LANGUAGE: Khmer is the local language of Cambodia. Since it’s a popular tourist destination, many drivers, restaurant and hotel owners are able to communicate in English. You may also be able to communicate in Thai or French.
  • CURRENCY: The official currency is Cambodian Riel, but the US dollar is widely accepted and circulated in the economy. Cash is used for almost all transactions, but ATMs are widely available.
  • ELECTRICITY: 230v, 50HZ and ACG.

Honeymoon Hints

  • DRESS CODE: It’s important to dress appropriately when visiting temples and other religious sites. For both ladies and gents, this means covering up your shoulders and knees.
  • HYGEINE: Be sure to carry toilet paper and hand sanitizer with you as you travel. Many public restrooms lack tissue and soap.
  • CULTURAL: Cambodia is home to a lot of Buddhist monks. These monks are not permitted to look a woman in the eye, so to avoid an awkward situation, don’t approach a man wearing an orange robe.
  • SAFETY: Take care of your valuables. Utilize your hotel’s safe, and keep your belongings close to you when out in public. While this is a peaceful Buddhist culture, theft does occur in Cambodia, so it’s best to take care.
  • MAKE A DEAL: When exploring markets and stands, it is okay to bargain your way to a lower price. Most sellers will expect to negotiate.