Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat

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Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat

For honeymooners seeking peace and renewal, Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat is a luxurious sanctuary, tucked away a short drive from the Angkor Archaeological Park. This gorgeous retreat, located outside of the busy tourist areas, has three free-form swimming pools, well-kept gardens, and modern, environmentally friendly chalets that combine to create the perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

Tranquil Retreat Amidst Nature:

Navutu Dreams is a sanctuary of peace and serenity, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of more touristy areas in Siem Reap. The resort’s well-manicured gardens, contemporary architecture, and low-slung chalets seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, creating a tranquil oasis for a refreshing holiday.

Well-Appointed Rooms and Suites:

Choose from 28 well-appointed rooms and suites, each designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. The accommodations at Navutu Dreams exude an atmosphere of luxury, offering a perfect blend of modern amenities and authentic Cambodian charm.

Wellness at the Core:

As the only wellness retreat in Siem Reap, Navutu Dreams caters to travelers dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Daily yoga sessions, acupuncture, and various healing practices are part of the retreat’s wellness offerings. Tailored programs for detox and stress relief are also available, allowing guests to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.

Honeycomb Spa:

Indulge in a range of rejuvenating spa treatments at the Honeycomb Spa, where facials, scrubs, and therapies are enriched by local healing and beautifying traditions. The spa offers a sanctuary for relaxation and pampering, ensuring that guests leave feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Delectable Cuisine at Niam Niam Restaurant:

Navutu Dreams takes pride in its culinary offerings. Niam Niam Restaurant features healthy menus, authentic Cambodian cuisine, and a selection of Italian and international favorites. Whether indulging in a romantic dinner or savoring a nourishing meal, the dining experience at Navutu Dreams is a delight.

Personalized Concierge Assistance:

The attentive Concierge at Navutu Dreams is a wellspring of knowledge, offering guidance on places to see and explore. With personalized assistance, guests can tailor their experiences and make the most of their time in Siem Reap.

Complimentary Tuk-Tuk Shuttles:

For convenience, complimentary tuk-tuk shuttles to the center of town are readily available. Guests can explore the vibrant local scene or visit the Angkor Archaeological Park with ease.

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat stands as a testament to the commitment to well-being, luxury, and authentic Cambodian hospitality. It is not just a resort; it’s a destination where couples can embark on a wellness journey, create cherished memories, and experience the epitome of tranquility. From the beautifully appointed accommodations to the serene wellness facilities, Navutu Dreams offers an immersive escape for honeymooners seeking a perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation.