Affordable Honeymoon

An affordable honeymoon doesn’t mean you have to compromise the romantic atmosphere and indulgent attention you desire. Your first true getaway as a married couple can be a one-of-a-kind experience that builds your bond without breaking your budget. Read on for the top time and money-saving tips for savvy couples.

Nothing eliminates the stress of vacation planning like easily finding an affordable all-inclusive honeymoon resort. And when it comes to affordability, location is the key to unlocking more choices. If you want the best value for your money, consider a honeymoon in CancunJamaica, or Punta Cana. These three destinations offer a wide range of romantic all-inclusive resorts to suit most budgets. With relatively lower airfares to these great beach destinations, the money saved can be used to splurge on once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon activities.

All-inclusive packages are less expensive than you think. That’s why almost one-third of budget-conscious newlyweds choose all-inclusive resorts for their honeymoons. Prices for all-inclusive honeymoon packages often include food, drinks, activities, taxes, entertainment, airport transfers, and even tips. Compare the total price of all-inclusive offers with the total price you would pay by booking everything separately, and you’ll find that all-inclusive honeymoon packages offer highly affordable rates.

The type of accommodations you choose can also help your budget. B&Bs, cottage and cabin rentals, or even camping cost less than luxury resorts and boutique hotels, while providing a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Another cost-saving, insider travel tip for an affordable honeymoon is to schedule your getaway for the “shoulder season,” which is just before or after the peak season when the crowds begin to depart popular destinations. The weather is great and the attractions are open, but you’ll enjoy more privacy and a more tranquil atmosphere.