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From medieval cathedrals to rolling hills of green countryside, from prehistoric stones to the village pub, England will surprise, charm and excite newlyweds. Discover the bustling city of London, take a walk in the countryside and explore historic castles and towers. You will fall in love with it all on a romantic getaway to England.

At the heart of Great Britain is London. Though one of the world’s oldest cities, London is still a thriving playground, bursting with rich history and culture as well as world-class restaurants, and sensational shopping. The city offers luxurious accommodations, world-class restaurants, top-notch shopping and amazing theaters and museums. Beyond the capital, explore grand manors and royal castles steeped in history or discover cutting-edge art, innovative cultural scenes, and trendy shops. English treasures like the Georgian town of Bath, academic Oxford, and eccentric Brighton should be on the must-visit list.

When in England, tourists flock to England’s countryside to take in the green meadows, thatched roofs and colorful flowers. Some of our favorites include the adorable towns along the Thames, timeless seaside resorts in the West Country, and the fairy-tale villages in the Cotswolds. Head to southwest, particularly the Salisbury Plain and the eastern side of Cornwall, to learn more about England’s captivating history and prehistoric inhabitants with stops at some of the historical ancient forts and stone circles.

If you enjoy long walks, follow England’s footpaths as they wind through the contours of the landscape. Some of the popular routes are home to cozy bed-and-breakfasts and pubs, perfect for honeymooners. Depending on your schedule, you can walk the whole or small chunks of the many long-distance trails or ramble through one of England’s national parks. Famous walking spots include the Lake District and Yorkshire’s dales and moors. To learn more about the English heritage, visit some of the first-class museums all over the country – and many of them free.

When discussing the nightlife in England, you must start with the theater. London is the heart and soul of the action. Companies consistently turn out superb productions and festivals all over the country celebrate Shakespeare’s work. There is also top-notch dining and extraordinary nightclubs for some unforgettable nights.

England has an endless offering of lavish hotels ranging from lodges to old-fashioned country retreats, budget guesthouses to chic boutique hotels. Distinctive old buildings – in cities, converted mansions and manor houses in rural areas – offer heaps of historic atmosphere. Located in the stylish Mayfair are of London, the Dorchester is a contemporary hotel that features striking views of Hyde park and the critically-acclaimed Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Enjoy a truly authentic experience by renting a flat. Not only an affordable way to experience the country, you get to known England in a completely different way – through the eyes of the homeowners.

From walkers’ trails and prehistoric stone circles to traditional pubs and obscure festivals, England is steeped in history and enchantment – just waiting for you to explore.

About England

At a Glance

  • ON TOP OF THE WORLD: When in London… take a double-deck bus tour. We know it may sound cheesy, but traveling through the city, seeing the magical sites from the comfort of the open-air bus is quite an adventure.
  • AFTERNOON TEA: No one does tea like our friends in England. After a morning of adventures, take a little breather for some afternoon tea.
  • A NIGHT AT THE THEATER: London has a number of worthy theaters to watch a show. If visiting between April and October, a production at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre should be on your list. With a circular setup and no roof, seeing a performance here has an intimate feeling.
  • GRAB A DRINK AT THE PUB: Originating as wayfarers’ hostelries and coaching inns, pubs have outlived the church and marketplace as the focal points of many English towns and villages. They are as varied as the country’s townscapes: in larger market towns you’ll find huge oak-beamed inns with open fires and polished brass fittings; in remoter upland villages there are stone-built pubs no larger than a two-bedroomed cottage.
  • FISH AND CHIPS: England’s best-known traditional dish is fish and chips – a plate-sized fillet of cod or haddock, battered and deep-fried until crispy, served with freshly fried chips (thick-cut French fries) and doused in malt vinegar and salt. Skip the utensils and dig in!
  • GREEN THUMB: A pilgrimage to a garden is an essential part of any spring or summer trip. English gardeners know their way around gardening tools and it flourishes in the country’s landscape. You may just learn a thing or two to take home and start your own English garden.

Honeymoon Hints

  • WATCH THE FEES: ATMs are available throughout the country, however, you will often be charged a foreign transaction fee of about 3% by your bank regardless if you are using it to get cash out or just the credit card.
  • DRIVING TEST: Remember, in the UK, they drive on the left. If you are driving locally, make sure you remember this. Along with driving, the people of England also walk and stand on the left. And make sure you look both ways before crossing the street.

Travel Tips

  • CURRENCY: British Pounds. Unlike the rest of Europe, the UK has refused to make the move over to the euro with the British Pounds being so strong. Some shops will accept euros, but your change will be in pounds.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: International flights are abundant, with the main hub being Heathrow Airport. Flight time from the East Coast of the United States take between 6-7 hours.
  • TRAVELING IN England: The Eurostar is the train system used throughout England, as well as Europe and is a very economical option when traveling throughout the country. While in London, the most popular method of transportation is the “Tube”, also known as the Underground. Taxis and the double-decker buses are also travel options while in London.
  • WEATHER: The weather is warmest in July (though the crowds can be large); November is the rainiest month, but people carry an umbrella year-round, just in case.
  • TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: If from an English-speaking country, no visa is required for the UK and you are able to stay up to six months. If you are a U.S. citizen, your passport expiration must be after the date of your intended return, though many countries are requiring your passport be good for at least six months after your departure. Also, please make sure there is at least one blank page in your passport.

Destinations to Explore

Additional honeymoon destinations in England you may want to consider: