Duke’s Bath

3-star hotel
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Duke’s Bath

Tucked away on the elegant Great Pulteney Street, Dukes Bath beckons honeymooners with its charm and proximity to the cultural treasures of the World Heritage City. Less than a 10-minute walk to the Abbey, the Roman Baths, and the city center, this historic gem, with its original style and décor, provides a delightful retreat for couples seeking relaxation, enjoyment, and exploration in the enchanting city of Bath.

Charming Architecture and Décor:

Dukes Bath, built over two centuries ago, proudly showcases the charm of the past. Comprising two original townhouses, the hotel’s architecture and décor exude timeless elegance, creating a romantic atmosphere that transports you to an era of classic sophistication.

Proximity to Bath’s Attractions:

The hotel’s prime location on Great Pulteney Street places it at the heart of Bath’s cultural tapestry. A leisurely stroll from Dukes leads to the Abbey, the Roman Baths, and the city center, providing honeymooners with easy access to the myriad of restaurants, pubs, museums, and architectural wonders that make Bath a World Heritage City.

Individually Styled Rooms:

Dukes Bath offers 17 individually styled rooms, ensuring that each guest enjoys a unique and personalized experience. Whether you prefer classic elegance or contemporary comfort, there is something to suit every taste, setting the stage for a romantic escape tailored to your preferences.

First-Class Breakfast Experience:

Begin your day with a first-class, cooked-to-order breakfast included with your stay. Delight in a delicious morning meal before embarking on your exploration of Bath’s historic streets and cultural landmarks.

Exceptional Guest Services:

The reception team at Dukes Bath goes above and beyond to ensure an exceptional stay. From offering restaurant recommendations and providing directions to planning your day and serving afternoon tea or drinks from the resident-only bar, the dedicated staff is committed to making your honeymoon truly memorable.

Convenient Private Parking:

For those traveling by car, Dukes Bath provides access to nearby private, off-street parking (charges apply), ensuring a convenient and stress-free experience during your stay.

In conclusion, Dukes Bath is more than a hotel; it’s a timeless haven that invites honeymooners to immerse themselves in the romantic ambiance of Bath’s historic charm. From the individually styled rooms to the exceptional guest services and prime location, every element of Dukes Bath is carefully curated to create a memorable and personalized experience for couples embarking on their journey of marital bliss.