When you’re looking for a luxurious Caribbean hideaway, Anguilla is the perfect honeymoon destination for you. This small island checks every box in the tropical paradise wish-list – powdery white sand beaches, cerulean waters, secluded coves, beach bars with classic rum punches, coral reefs to explore, luxurious villas and resorts, regattas, and some of the best live entertainment in the Caribbean.

Watersports enthusiasts will have plenty of opportunities for windsurfing, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Visit the coral reefs and the nearby islets and atolls, learn about the island through nature hikes and bird watching, or catch a round of golf or tennis. Explore the island’s heritage at historic sites and its culture through art galleries and local markets. Anguilla is famous for its regattas, and there are events throughout the year that make a thrilling spectacle.

Accommodations include upscale villas, boutique hotels, charming cottages and apartments, all of which offer the combination of luxury and privacy that is the hallmark of the Anguilla experience. You’ll find private beaches, tropical gardens, fine dining and pampering spas to highlight your romantic getaway.

There’s music everywhere, from reggae at the beach bars to live entertainment most evenings and along with Sunday brunch. Food choices range from food cart barbecues on the beach to haute cuisine. There’s plenty of local seafood and produce, with specialities like crayfish, lobster and grilled snapper, swordfish and mahi mahi. If you’re renting a villa, you can shop at nearby markets and try your hand at some local recipes.

About Anguilla

At a Glance

  • Anguilla is a self-governing British overseas territory, part of the Leeward Islands group in the northeastern Caribbean. It is just 16 miles long and 3 miles across at the widest point.
  • The island is known for its secluded beaches and luxury villas, perfect for an off-the-beaten-track honeymoon idyll.
  • The earliest known inhabitants of the island were Amerindians, who lived here as early as 2000 BC. Ceremonial sites of the Arawak people have been found at the caverns at Big Springs at Island Harbour, and The Fountain at Shoal Bay, with petroglyphs that date back a thousand years.
  • Anguilla has 33 secluded coves and beaches that offer tranquil and private retreats. Favorite spots for honeymooners include Rendezvous Cove, Mead’s Bay, Shoal Bay, Maunday’s Bay, among others. Each has its own unique personality and allure.
  • With its clear waters and coral reefs full of brightly colored tropical fish and other marine life, Anguilla is a paradise for snorkels and scuba divers. More experienced divers can visit the shipwrecks that are part of the fascinating history of the region. You can also explore the coral reefs in glass-bottomed kayaks.
  • Regattas are the national sport of Anguilla and there are races and events throughout the year that will give you a chance to experience the thrill and spectacle.
  • You can charter a boat for a day of leisurely sailing, stopping at secluded coves or nearby atolls to explore and picnic.
  • Shoppers will find colorful local markets as well as upscale boutique, art and jewelry.
  • Anguilla is famous for having some of the best live music in the Caribbean, with local musicians and touring bands. The most famous island musician is Bankie Banx. If you’re lucky you might catch him performing at Dune Preserve or at Moonsplash, the music festival he founded.

Honeymoon Hints

  • There’s no better setting for a romantic sunset cruise with cocktails and dinner on board. Or an overnight trip where you anchor at sea for a sleepover amid the waves.
  • For a truly spectacular and unforgettable experience, plan a horse riding trip on the beach, alongside the tropical blue waters.
  • Make time for a day at the spa, where you’ll receive luxurious wellness treatments in soothing settings, with a spectacular water view.
  • Quiet walks on the beach to plan your future together will create unique memories for a lifetime.

Travel Tips

  • AIRPORT CODE: AXA – Clayton J Lloyd International Airport, Anguilla
  • AREA CODE: 264
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • CURRENCY: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC)/United States Dollar (USD) accepted island wide.
  • ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Passport and onward air ticket. Passport must be valid for minimum of 6 months prior to travel
  • AIRPORT TAXES & FEES: Departure Tax is $20 USD (cash only)
    By air: Anguilla is connected by Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and Antigua, all of which have non-stop and direct service from numerous U.S cities.

    By sea: Sea shuttles are available from the Anguilla-St. Maarten Ferry Terminal (directly across from Princess Juliana airport). Charter services are also available.

  • GETTING AROUND: Rental cars or taxis are very easy to find. Taxis rates are fixed and published. Many taxi drivers are also happy to double as tour guides and provide your transportation for the duration of your stay.

    If you choose to drive, remember that they drive on the left side of the road. Also remember to watch out for wandering animals, especially goats. You will need a valid drivers license and a temporary Anguilla license (available through car rental companies) which costs $25 for three months or $15 for three days.

    Given the small size of the island and its level topography, it’s easy to get around by bike and ATVs, available for rental.

  • ELECTRICITY: 110 volts, like the US
  • WEATHER: Anguilla’s total annual rainfall is approx 35″. Anguilla’s “rainy season” is September-October but is mostly sunny. Northeastern trade winds keep the weather mostly cool and dry, with an annual average temperature of 80F.
  • DRESS: Island casual, casual elegant for dinner
  • TIPPING: As in the US
  • BEST TIMES OF YEAR TO VISIT: Many of the island’s resorts and restaurants close during September/ October.