Western Europe


Castles, cuisine, history and culture are just few of the reasons to honeymoon in Germany. Some of the most exciting cities in Europe – Munich, Hamburg, Dresden, Dusseldorf and others – as well as inviting small towns and villages offer unforgettable honeymoon experiences.

No matter where you are, it seems that a history filled castle or palace; a beautiful park or lake; or an ancient church are never very far away. Berlin, the capital and the country’s largest city, is one of the most exciting destinations in Europe. Ninety-five percent of it was destroyed in World War II and has been rebuilt since the wall that divided the city was torn down over 20 years ago.

You’ll see signs of the country’s economic might everywhere. Wherever you go, you’ll find vibrant cities with fascinating histories, charming medieval towns and peaceful pastoral scenery. Adventurous travelers might like to drive the “Romantic Road” from Warzburg to Fussen, 220 miles of breathtaking pastoral scenery dotted with historic villages, churches and castles. Or, you can visit the Black Forest, cruise along the Danube River, or travel around Lake Constance.

It doesn’t take long to discover that Germany is value packed. Prices are slightly lower here than in many other major European destinations. Theatre, ballet and opera tickets are very affordable. Food prices are slightly lower as well, and quality of the cuisine and local wines is amazing. Whatever you choose to do, your honeymoon in Germany will be like a fantastic fairytale!

Destinations to Explore

Additional honeymoon destinations in Germany you may want to consider: