Yellowstone National Park is just a short drive away and will be a major highlight of your Big Sky honeymoon. The must-sees are: Old Faithful, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Midway Geyser Basin, Yellowstone Lake and the Lamar and Hayden Valleys. If you’re lucky you can tally sightings of the big five – grizzlies, elk, black bears, buffalo, and wolves.

  • Take a soak in the Boiling River in the Mammoth area at Yellowstone. That’s actually a lot more fun than it sounds: the swimming area is where one of the park’s many hot springs meets the Boiling River. The mixing of hot and cold water makes it a natural hot tub with a fantastic view that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Yellowstone was the first National Park in the US, founded in 1872. Along with the spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife, it’s full of geological marvels like the geysers and hot springs. Bacteria that can live at high temperatures give the hot springs their bright colors of yellow, green, blue and orange.
  • Wildlife watching at Yellowstone is a very awe-inspiring and bonding experience, letting you share your love of nature and the outdoors in a setting of wild beauty.
  • There are campsites, cabins and lodges within the park boundaries at Yellowstone. They make a quiet retreat for two amid natural splendor and solitude. Rediscover the simple pleasures like snuggling up in front of a campfire. Extra points for remembering to bring the marshmallows.
  • Any season is a good time to visit Yellowstone, with its ever changing beauty and attractions. Yellowstone is open for auto travel from mid-April through early November, depending on weather conditions. Summer is the busiest time for the park. Fall colors in Yellowstone are breathtaking. In winter, access is by snow coach or guided snowmobile. Winter bring many of the park’s non-hibernating wildlife to the steaming hot springs that melt away the steaming under a cover of snow.
  • RESPECT THE WILDERNESS: Take sensible precautions when traveling and treat the mountains and wildlife with respect. Carry bear spray if you’re camping or hiking in the backcountry.
  • SAFETY: The geothermal features at Yellowstone like geysers and hot springs should be admired from a safe distance: the water is boiling hot and can cause burns.