This relaxed beach town has a quieter pace of life than the busy tourist destinations to the north. You’ll find azure seas, coral reefs, sandy beaches to enjoy and Mayan ruins to explore. The local community is trying to promote sustainable tourism and if you’re looking for an ecofriendly hon-eymoon, you’ll love the solar- powered resorts and cabins.

About Mahahual

At a Glance

  • Mahahual is still a fishing village at heart and this is the place to bring your inner beach bum. Slow down, relax on the beach, go diving or bird-watching and enjoy the great local food.
  • Explore the Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve, which is the largest coral reef in Mexico. It is part of the Mesoamerican Reef System, one of the largest and healthiest reef systems in the northern hemisphere. It is home to over 2,500 species of marine flora and fauna, including an-gelfish, turtles, lobsters, groupers, and rays. Activities for visitors include snorkeling, diving, and catch and release fishing.
  • The Chacchoben Archaeological Zone has Mayan ruins dating back three thousand years. It was an important ritual center and only some of the pyramids have been fully uncovered. The surrounding jungle is home to many species of wildlife including spider monkeys, deer, arma-dillo, peccary, foxes and also the less-frequent seen cats – jaguar, ocelot, and puma.
  • The community’s dedication to sustainable development makes this an eco-friendly honey-moon destination. Besides the nature reserves, you can also find ecofriendly accommodations such as solar powered cabin rentals.
  • Enjoy exploring the town with its friendly people, crafts shops and delicious food, especially the fresh caught fish and seafood.

Honeymoon Hints

  • Wake up early to watch the sunrise, and enjoy breakfast on the beach with a panoramic view of sea and sky.
  • Get a relaxing massage on the beach.

Travel Tips

  • MARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS: If you’re planning to get married here, make sure you meet all legal requirements. You’ll find all information on marriage regulations here (link:
  • GETTING THERE: The best way to reach Chetumal, Mahahual and Bacalar is to fly into Cancun or one of the other cities of the Mayan Riviera and then get a rental car or bus to com-plete your journey. Chetumal Airport (CTM) has limited connections to other Mexican cities.
  • CURRENCY: The peso. U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere but change will likely be in pe-sos.
  • ELECTRICITY: 110 volts, 60 cycles. Bring a power surge protector for your computer.
  • WHEN TO GO: With a comfortable tropical climate, the Grand Costa Maya is a year-round destination. Hurricane season is in the fall, so make sure you check the forecast and keep track of any storms.
  • WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES: The small towns and cities of the Grand Costa Maya are very walkable, and your feet will thank you for wearing comfortable shoes.
  • BRING SUNSCREEN & TOILETRIES: The sun is very strong and you can get a bad burn in a short time, even in the winter.
  • DON’T LOSE YOUR TOURIST CARD: The remainder of the Tourist Card you receive upon arrival has to be turned in when you leave the country. Keep it safely with your passport.
  • HEALTH: International travel to Mexico was never shut down due to Covud-19, but each re-gion, most hotels and tourist attractions have their own guidelines that must be followed by visitors. When planning your trip, check these guidelines in advance. Travelers to Mexico should also keep themselves updated on the status of the Zika virus.