Hotel Pachamama

At the heart of Mahahual, a coastal haven bathed in the turquoise hues of the Caribbean, Hotel Boutique Pachamama awaits to cocoon honeymooners in an intimate oasis. This charming boutique hotel, born in May 2007 and lovingly rebuilt after the dance with Hurricane Dean, invites you to a world where romance meets comfort amid the vibrant spirit of this Mexican gem.

A Home with a Story:

Hotel Boutique Pachamama, also known as Posada Pachamama, is more than a hotel; it’s a tale of resilience and renewal. Conceived in 2007, it faced the trials of nature but emerged stronger and more inviting. The hotel underwent further transformation in 2013, adding details and amenities that elevate your stay into a delightful experience.

Perfectly Central, Incredibly Coastal:

Nestled just 20 meters from the glistening beach, Hotel Boutique Pachamama places you in the heart of Mahahual. The convenience of being close to the ocean, with no streets to cross, enhances the coastal romance of your honeymoon. Feel the sea breeze and the soft sand at your doorstep, setting the stage for cherished moments.

Gastronomic Delights at Your Doorstep:

Surrounded by the most popular restaurants in town, your culinary adventure begins steps away from the hotel. Explore the vibrant flavors of Mahahual, savoring local cuisine that reflects the richness of the region. From fresh seafood to traditional delights, Mahahual’s dining scene becomes an integral part of your honeymoon story.

Healing Proximity:

Hotel Boutique Pachamama sits just 20 meters from the public Health Center, providing peace of mind and convenience. Knowing that essential services are within reach allows you to focus on unwinding and embracing the magic of your honeymoon.

Romance in Every Detail:

The hotel’s boutique charm extends to its rooms, where every detail is curated for romance and comfort. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere designed for intimacy, with touches of local character and modern amenities that cater to your every need.

Mahahual’s Laid-Back Allure:

As you step outside Hotel Boutique Pachamama, Mahahual unfolds its laid-back allure. Stroll through vibrant streets, shop for local crafts, or simply lounge by the sea. The town’s easygoing pace becomes the backdrop for your honeymoon, creating a canvas of memories.

Your Love Story Continues:

Hotel Boutique Pachamama invites you to step into a love story where resilience, romance, and coastal beauty intertwine. Whether you’re basking in the sun-soaked sands or discovering Mahahual’s charms, your honeymoon at Pachamama becomes a chapter to cherish. Book your stay and let the enchantment unfold.