Hotel Maya Luna

Nestled along the pristine shores of Mahahual, Hotel Maya Luna beckons honeymooners seeking an escape from the chaos of daily life. This secluded haven is more than a hotel; it’s a sanctuary where the turquoise hues of the Caribbean Sea meet the tranquility of the Mexican coast.

Beachfront Studios: A Private Oasis:

The beachfront studios at Maya Luna redefine the essence of privacy and comfort. Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves, stepping onto the soft sands just beyond your doorstep. Each studio is a haven of tranquility, featuring a private bathroom, fresh drinking water, a king-size bed adorned with crisp linens, a ceiling fan that dances with the sea breeze, and inviting hammocks that sway with the rhythm of the coast. The studios are more than rooms; they are intimate retreats where romance finds its perfect setting.

Private Roof Terraces: A Love Nest in the Sky:

Elevate your experience at Maya Luna with private roof terraces that offer a panoramic vista of the Caribbean horizon. As the sun dips below the waves, this exclusive space becomes your own love nest in the sky. Toast to your union against the backdrop of a painted sky, or simply unwind in the hammocks as the stars twinkle overhead. The private roof terraces at Maya Luna ensure that every moment is a celebration of your love.

Sustainable Luxury: Embracing Nature’s Gifts:

Maya Luna goes beyond providing a retreat; it embraces sustainability in harmony with nature. The water supply, sourced from rainwater, adds a touch of eco-conscious luxury. Electricity is generated through solar panels, allowing you to revel in modern comforts while treading lightly on the Earth. This commitment to sustainability enhances the serenity of Maya Luna, creating an experience that is both luxurious and mindful.

Restaurant-Bar: A Culinary Voyage:

The on-site restaurant-bar at Maya Luna invites you on a culinary voyage, where European and Mexican dishes harmonize to create a symphony of flavors. Savor exquisite meals crafted with care, and let each bite become a part of your honeymoon story. The ambiance is as warm as the sea breeze, providing the perfect setting for intimate dinners under the stars.

Rainwater Showers and Solar-Powered Bliss:

Indulge in rainwater showers, a refreshing and sustainable luxury that adds a touch of natural purity to your bathing experience. As you pamper yourself in the embrace of rainwater, feel the connection to the environment that defines Maya Luna. Solar-powered bliss extends beyond electricity; it becomes a holistic approach to the art of relaxation.

A Retreat for the Soul:

Maya Luna is not just a destination; it’s a retreat for the soul. The undisturbed beaches, the azure waters, and the commitment to sustainability come together to create an environment where the essence of your love story unfolds naturally. It’s a place to rediscover each other, to bask in the simplicity of togetherness, and to celebrate the start of a beautiful journey.

Book Your Secluded Honeymoon:

Are you ready to escape to a secluded haven where the beauty of nature intertwines with the magic of love? Book your stay at Hotel Maya Luna and let the serenity of Mahahual become the backdrop for your honeymoon bliss.