Turks and Caicos is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, made up of two island chains, unsurprisingly named Turks Islands and Caicos Islands. Roughly one-fourth of the 40 islands are inhabited, although the country is home to only 30,000 residents. Providenciales and Grand Turk are the most populous regions. Like other nations in the Caribbean, the Turks and Caicos economy is based on the tourism trade, as well as offshore banking and fishing.

Natural attractions in the Turks and Caicos are plentiful – the wall diving around Grand Turk is well regarded, as is the wreck diving near Salt Cay. During the winter season, tourists can spot the migrating humpback whales. The government has set aside 33 protected areas that offer excellent bird watching.

About Turks and Caicos

Fast Facts

  • CURRENCY: United States Dollar (USD)
  • WHEN TO GO: Spring for good weather and few crowds
  • KNOWN FOR: Fishing, beaches, conch and conch shells
  • LANGUAGES: English (official)