The Ultimate Greek Honeymoon Guide

The Ultimate Greek Honeymoon Guide

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If you want your honeymoon to be an extraordinary experience you’ll never forget, choosing Greece as your destination is the best way to achieve it. The beginning of your life as a married couple deserves to include swimming in deep blue water, sunbathing for hours on end, tasting the riches of Greek cuisine, and admiring the vast heritage of the country. To ensure that you enjoy your romantic vacations to the fullest, follow the advice of and check out the ultimate Greek honeymoon guide.

When to visit

You’re probably thinking the summer is your only option for a Greek honeymoon. While summer is a glorious time to visit Greece, this is not entirely true. You should keep in mind that if you decide to visit Greece during the high-season months, and specifically from the middle of June until the middle of August, you’ll be met with large tourist masses, overcrowded beaches, and busy streets.

According to the Greek honeymoon travel experts of Eros and Psyche Travel, the best time for your Greek honeymoon to take place is either late spring or early autumn. If you visit Greece during the months of May, September, or even October, you’ll enjoy the country in full bloom. Of course, you can also have a lovely winter honeymoon in the country as well. In this case, however, you should make sure to steer clear of the Greek islands and choose one of the treasures of the country’s mainland instead.

Where to go

It might sound like a cliche, but there isn’t a single place in Greece that won’t host your honeymoon with success. The whole of Greece hides a world of beauty and elegance, and therefore, no matter where you choose to go, you’ll have the time of your lives.

If you visit Greece in the summer, the Greek islands are the ultimate honeymoon destination. Among the most romantic of them, our favorites include the island of Milos, Folegandros, Koufonisia, Crete, and the famous Santorini with its staggering caldera. If on the other hand, you decide to visit the Greek mainland, whether it is because you plan your Greek honeymoon in winter, or because you just feel like doing so, the stunning landscapes of Nafplio, Delphi, the UNESCO Heritage Site of Meteora, and Epidaurus, will leave you breathless.

What to do

The abundance of things to do in Greece, not only will not let you have a dull moment during your trip, but it will overwhelm you with choice. Whether you’re interested in Greek history and mythology, Greek cuisine, sailing, or arts and crafts, a Greek honeymoon will offer you what you’re looking for and then some. In order to experience Greece, there is a wide variety of tours, activities, and experiences that will allow you to unveil the country’s full potential in an original way. A guided tour of the Acropolis and the modern Acropolis Museum, a food tour around some of Greece’s most popular regions, a wine-tasting experience, or a traditional Greek cooking class, will enrich your Greek honeymoon in the best, most imaginative way possible; exactly what you’re looking for in a perfect honeymoon. You can book your tours via the leading Greek tour company,

What to eat

Greek cuisine has made a name for itself all around the world. And for good reason. The riches of Greek gastronomy lie on the fresh produce the Greek land has been offering its inhabitants since antiquity. As a result, the culinary tradition of the country is vast, with mouthwatering recipes that have been passed down through generations being always present on the Sunday dinner table.

You cannot leave the country without trying delicious feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and virgin olive oil to name a few. Additionally, you should try as many varieties of indigenous wine as possible, along with the traditional Greek spirits of ouzo and raki. Last but not least, among our favorite Greek delicacies, the legendary ‘souvlaki’ wrap, as well as the dishes of ‘mousaka’, ‘yemista’, and ‘dolmadakia’, will delight your senses. The Greek food alone is a good enough reason to come back to our country again and again.

What to pack

Greece is characterized by its intense summers and mild winters. Therefore, if you decide on a Greek honeymoon in the summer, you should be smart with your packing. Choose your thinnest items of clothing and your most comfortable shoes and fill your suitcase with them. The blazing summer heat calls for cotton, while the cobblestone streets of the Greek islands and countryside make wearing heels a nightmare. Despite the high temperatures during the day, the Greek islands can get a bit chilly and incredibly windy at night. For that reason, bringing a light jacket with you is essential. Other than that, all you need is your sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and camera; the world is your oyster!

Greece is made for romantic experiences you’ll be daydreaming about for years to come. Whether you want your honeymoon to be relaxing, vibrant, or wild, you’re a ticket away from your goal. Follow our advice and your experience will be nothing short of spectacular.

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