Ikos Olivia

5-star hotel
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Ikos Olivia

Ikos Olivia unveils a breathtaking 450-meter stretch of beach, where the cerulean waters of the Aegean Sea gently kiss the shore. The allure of Ikos Olivia is further heightened by its elegant guest rooms and junior suites, each offering captivating vistas of the sparkling sea. For those seeking the epitome of style and comfort, the low-rise bungalows host luxury one and two-bedroom suites, complete with private gardens and an exclusive deluxe area.

The culinary journey at Ikos Olivia is an odyssey of delight, with the Dine-Out program inviting couples to savor the authentic flavors of local cuisine at a charming restaurant in the nearby village of Gerakini. Immerse yourselves in the spirit of Greece as you explore the vibrant culture and savor traditional delicacies. From tranquil moments on the sun-dappled beach to intimate dinners under the starry night sky, Ikos Olivia offers a symphony of romantic experiences that will forever echo in your hearts.

The resplendent backdrop of nature’s beauty, coupled with attentive service and gourmet indulgences, renders Ikos Olivia a sanctuary of love. It’s a place where the essence of romance is woven into every detail, and where your honeymoon unfolds like a dream adorned with moments of pure enchantment.