Secrets of Italy: Honeymoon Gems in the Land of Romance

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Italy is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of the entire world, and millions flock to its shores each year to experience its intoxicating mix of cultural flair and natural wonder. However, with the ever-increasing surge of mainstream vacations, more and more eager tourists are missing out on the true air of Italian grace. Too many unlucky visitors will miss out on the real history, the real beauty and real artistry of this breath-taking country.


Finding Italy’s Secret Treats

Many serene honeymoon hideaways lie far from the bustling streets of Milan and Rome, secluded coves far-receded from the endless crowds. Bolzano is one such paradise, nestled in the South Tyrol province in northern Italy. Even Italian natives recognise the soothing power of this beautiful region, and its quality-of-life was ranked the best in the country by prolific Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. From the magnificent architecture of the many cathedrals and museum of archaeology to the glorious subtropical climate, Bolzano encompasses all of Italy’s urban and natural elegance.

From here, why not visit the infamous region of Sicily. This stunning area, made notorious by classic cinema, is the largest isle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its landscapes are wonderfully diverse, boasting everything from deep blue surf to proud, gnarled mountains. Visit the incredible volcano of Mount Etna and the vineyards which surround its base, then flit through the intricate streets of Catania and its legendary local markets. Here is where the taste of Italy is truly embodied, and foodies will relish the variety of authentic Italian produce that peppers these fascinating trade hubs. Lose yourself in the cacophony of local conversation, and sip world-renowned coffees from the stands of Taormina.

Another favourite region for the Italian tourist in the know is Puglia, which runs along the Ionian and Adriatic coastlines of Italy’s heel. Dotted by snow-white beaches and rolling olive fields, Puglia has long been celebrated for its diversity of wonder. The architecture presents itself in a glorious unity of Graecian and Baroque style. The endless conical roofs of Alberobello are unique to this country, and are a sight that must be seen by any self-directed Italy honeymooner.

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Unlock Travel Secrets with a Travel Consultant

More and more honeymooners are making use of travel consultants, a relatively new addition to the ever-booming travel market which offers newlywed couples the chance to feel far more like a local than any package deal would be able to. A travel consultant is well versed in the lay of the land, and is attuned to the various phenomena that Italy has to offer.


Unparalleled Attention to Detail

Using a travel consultant offers a level of personality unmatched by any typical travel agent. You are provided with ability to tailor-make your excursion to your specific needs, and have the opportunity to constantly converse with your consultant.

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