Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort

4-star hotel
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Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort

Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort invites honeymooners to immerse themselves in a world of serenity and beauty. This beautiful haven offers a diverse range of accommodations, ensuring a tailored escape that caters to every desire. From the luxurious La Villa and Murialdo Suites to the intimate Bungalows, the resort seamlessly blends comfort and nature.

Discover a harmonious blend of relaxation, recreation, and gastronomic delight as you indulge in the well-being of Hotel Du Lac or the gourmet cuisine and fine entertainment that await. For those seeking adventure in Italy, the resort’s privileged location in Riva del Garda offers an array of activities, from mountain biking to rock climbing, ensuring an Italy honeymoon filled with both tranquility and excitement. With its picturesque backdrop and array of offerings, Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort stands as an enchanting escape for couples seeking the perfect romantic getaway.