Hotel Savoia & Jolanda

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Hotel Savoia & Jolanda

Venice is a city of dreams, where history, art, and romance converge, and nestled within its heart is the Hotel Savoia & Jolanda. If you’re a honeymooner searching for a quintessential Venetian experience, look no further. This remarkable hotel, located in the historical center of Venice, offers an unforgettable stay steeped in history and adorned with breathtaking views.

A Prime Location Along Riva degli Schiavoni:

The Hotel Savoia & Jolanda enjoys a prime location that is the envy of many. Situated along the enchanting Riva degli Schiavoni, this hotel offers a front-row seat to the Venice lagoon. As you gaze out from the hotel, you’ll be mesmerized by the sweeping views of Saint Mark’s Basin and the idyllic St. George Island. This picturesque panorama creates a magnificent backdrop for your honeymoon, setting the stage for cherished moments and romantic encounters.

Immersed in Venice’s Art and Culture:

From the hotel’s splendid location, you’ll have easy access to Venice’s most famous landmarks. St. Mark Square, the beating heart of the city, is just a short stroll away. Here, you can revel in the beauty of St. Mark’s Basilica, take in the intricate details of the Doge’s Palace, and wander through the charming lanes that lead to the Grand Canal.

If you’re in the mood for shopping, the Mercerie and Via XXII Marzo beckon with some of the world’s finest boutiques. And for those who long to explore the hidden treasures of Venice, the Sestiere Castello offers an array of lesser-known gems, including secluded squares and intriguing art galleries.

Your Venetian Love Story Awaits:

The Hotel Savoia & Jolanda is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience that captures the essence of Venice. The rooms and suites, lovingly appointed, offer comfort and style. After a day of exploring the city’s treasures, you can relax and unwind in the refined ambiance of the hotel.

As honeymooners, you deserve a celebration of your love that is as timeless and enchanting as Venice itself. The Hotel Savoia & Jolanda embraces you in an atmosphere where history, art, and romance come together to create an unforgettable experience. It’s the perfect place to write the first chapters of your lifelong love story, surrounded by the magic of Venice.