Relais Poggio Ai Santi

3-star hotel
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Relais Poggio Ai Santi

Set amidst the undulating hills of Tuscany, with the boundless sea as a poetic backdrop, Relais Poggio Ai Santi emerges as an enchanting haven for honeymooners. This is a place where nature’s timeless beauty, the tranquility of Mediterranean maquis, and the promise of romance unite to create an unforgettable retreat.

Nature’s Amphitheatre:

Imagine a place so captivating, it could rival the grand amphitheaters of Segesta or Epidaurus in classical times. Nestled within an undisturbed natural amphitheatre, Relais Poggio Ai Santi remains a hidden gem in Tuscany, preserved to present its pristine charm to you.

A Guest House of True Desires:

Unlike butlers and concierges at larger hotels, this retreat embraces a genuine guest house atmosphere that aligns with your true desires. It’s a place where your wishes are met with sincerity and heart.

Embracing the Tuscan Climate:

The accommodations at Poggio Ai Santi are thoughtfully oriented to harness the gifts of the local climate. Mild in winter and gently cooled in summer by the sea breeze, the Podere farmhouse, Stables, and Villa are designed to offer you the utmost comfort year-round.

Generosity of Space:

At Poggio Ai Santi, space is a gift that you’ll appreciate from the moment you arrive. The generous and open layout welcomes you to a world where you’re not confined by the walls but invited to embrace the panoramic beauty that surrounds you.

Simplicity and Silence:

When grand hotels often overcomplicate, this retreat chooses simplicity. You won’t find an extensive crowd here; at full capacity, Poggio Ai Santi hosts only thirty guests. Your honeymoon sanctuary is a selection of suites spread across three charming houses, each offering its unique appeal.

Terraces and Gardens:

Whether you choose a suite in the Podere farmhouse, the Stables, or the Villa, most offer a terrace or direct access to enchanting gardens. Here, nature becomes an integral part of your romantic journey, with every step revealing a new facet of its beauty.

The Rare Privilege of Silence:

In a world where silence is a luxury, Relais Poggio Ai Santi passionately preserves this treasure. To safeguard this haven of tranquility, only guests over the age of 12 are welcomed, ensuring an atmosphere of serenity that honeymooners dream of.

A Love Story Begins:

For honeymooners, Relais Poggio Ai Santi is where a new love story begins. It’s a place where the majestic beauty of Tuscany, the embrace of nature, and the promise of romance unite to create an unforgettable chapter in your journey together.

Embrace Romance:

In this idyllic Tuscan retreat, where nature, serenity, and romance intertwine, you’ll discover the beauty of simplicity and the poetry of the land. Relais Poggio Ai Santi welcomes you to a haven of love and tranquility, where the whispers of Mediterranean maquis and the waves of the sea become the soundtrack of your unforgettable honeymoon.