Destination Overview

Some of the world’s most famous sights to share are within her borders and romance reigns supreme from the tops of snow-covered mountains to the ocean’s edge.

The majesty of the Redwood Forest; the breathtaking beauty of 17 Mile Drive; the awesome panoramas of the Pacific Coast Highway; the verdant vineyards of the wine country; the startling blue waters of Lake Tahoe, the grace of the Golden Gate Bridge; and the outrageous, star-studded walk of Hollywood are just a few of the exciting things to see.

Whether your sport is snow skiing or ocean surfing, you’ll find it here, and in some places, you can do them both in the same day! The sun shines on your love 300 days each year and mild temperatures invite you to practice your favorites whenever you’re in the mood.

From San Diego to Sacramento and beyond, you’ll feel as if “The Great Outdoors” is there just for the two of you to enjoy. Open your minds and your hearts and let California enchant you.


About California


  • A walk on the beach. There are over 1200 miles of coastline to enjoy. Hold hands and share your dreams as you soak up the beauty and walk along the stunning beaches of Carmel, Morro Bay, Malibu, Laguna, and many others.
  • The 17 Mile Drive on the Monterrey Peninsula. This is one of the most famous bits of roadway in the USA. Startling ocean views, dramatic cliffs, wooded byways, and great golf courses are just part of the panorama. Stop to see the weather-worn lone cypress which has become world-famous. It’s the perfect spot to snap a photo of your loved one!
  • Try a world-famous California wine in Sonoma or Napa Valley. This area is one of the world’s largest wine producers! Wineries dot the countryside of Monterrey Bay, Shenandoah Valley, and Santa Barbara country. Visit them. You’ll learn a lot as you try to choose your favorites.
  • Redwood National Park, Crescent City. Some of the world’s oldest and tallest trees are awesome sights. As you walk along the paths between tree stands, you’ll feel tiny among the giant ancient sequoias, firs, hemlocks, and oaks. The shaded wonderland is sure to enchant you.
  • The Hearst Castle at San Simeon. Newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and his celebrity guests from throughout the world lived life to the fullest in the 1930s and 40’s at this opulent, outrageous country “castle” which is now open to the public. Get a glimpse of the luxurious life of days gone by as you visit the house and gardens. If you north on Highway l afterward, you’ll be treated to another of the state’s most scenic drives.
  • Drive along the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to Los Angeles at sunset and enjoy sweeping ocean views. This just might be one of the world’s most romantic stretches of the road!
  • A cable car ride, San Francisco. Hop on the old, open-air trolley in the downtown shopping district, go up the steep grade to the top of Nob Hill, and down the other side to Fishermen’s Wharf and you’ll make memories to share. It’s just like the movies!


Honeymoon Hints

  • MIND THE SIZE: Big cities are spread out and distances are usually great.No matter where you go, you’ll need to rent a car. Make sure to double-check your rental reservation a week before you leave, and get ready to explore!
  • HONEYMOON HIGHWAYS: California’s freeways are famous but demand driving know-how. Traffic can be congested at rush hours, so plan days accordingly. Drive at least the speed limit. Right lanes are generally for trucks. Keep in the center lane, know your exit, and plan ahead to get to it.
  • SAVE ON GAS: Gas is cheaper in Southern California, so fill up the tank before heading north.
  • PLAN AHEAD: Some areas (such as Sonoma, Lake Tahoe, national parks, etc.) have their own visitor centers and tourist offices or Chambers of Commerce. Contact them in advance to plan your honeymoon days.
  • WONDERFUL WINES: Be careful of your intake if you’re planning to visit several wineries in one day.


Destinations to Explore

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