Hotel Griffon

Nestled along San Francisco’s picturesque Embarcadero waterfront, Hotel Griffon beckons honeymooners to experience the epitome of boutique charm and personalized luxury. Voted “Best Boutique Hotel” and “Best 24 Hour Getaway” by San Francisco Magazine, this certified green hotel provides a delightful and intimate alternative for couples seeking a unique and memorable stay.

European Sensibility by the Bay:

Inspired by European sensibility, Hotel Griffon captures the essence of charm and sophistication. The moment you step into the lobby, adorned with tasteful decor and attentive staff, you are greeted by an atmosphere of warmth and elegance. The boutique allure of the hotel sets the stage for a romantic retreat in the heart of the city.

Well-Appointed Guestrooms and Luxury Suites:

Honeymooners are invited to indulge in the well-appointed guestrooms and luxury suites, each thoughtfully designed to create a haven of comfort. From plush bedding to contemporary furnishings, every detail is curated to ensure a serene and inviting atmosphere. With views of the city skyline or the waterfront, these accommodations offer a perfect backdrop for a romantic escape.

Delectable Dining at Perry’s on the Embarcadero:

Hotel Griffon’s culinary offerings add a delectable touch to the honeymoon experience. Couples can savor exquisite meals at Perry’s on the Embarcadero, the on-site dining venue known for its culinary prowess. The restaurant’s ambiance and menu contribute to a delightful dining experience that complements the overall charm of the hotel.

Distinguished Meeting Space for Business and Beyond:

While Hotel Griffon caters to leisure travelers, it also provides distinguished meeting spaces for business travel. The versatility of these spaces allows for a seamless blend of business and pleasure, making it an ideal choice for couples who may have both work and leisure on their itinerary.

Exceptional Amenities and Green Initiatives:

Beyond the charm and luxury, Hotel Griffon is committed to exceptional amenities and sustainable practices. From attentive concierge service to eco-friendly initiatives, the hotel strives to provide a well-rounded experience that aligns with the values of today’s discerning travelers.

Waterfront Romance and City Exploration:

The hotel’s prime location along the Embarcadero waterfront invites couples to immerse themselves in waterfront romance. Leisurely strolls along the bay, mesmerizing sunsets, and the vibrant energy of the city create a canvas for unforgettable moments.

A Pleasant and Charming Alternative:

Hotel Griffon stands as a testament to the fact that sometimes, the most memorable experiences come from choosing a pleasant and charming alternative. For honeymooners seeking a unique blend of sophistication and intimacy in San Francisco, Hotel Griffon is a gem waiting to be discovered.

Embark on a romantic journey where European sensibility meets San Francisco flair, and let Hotel Griffon be the backdrop for the beginning of your shared adventures.