Old Ranch Inn

Nestled in the heart of the historic Tennis Club area, Old Ranch Inn invites honeymooners to step into the spirit of the ‘Old West,’ where the heritage of Palm Springs unfolds in an enchanting oasis. This eight-suite property is a testament to the captivating history of the region, where Hollywood celebrities, politicians, statesmen, and world travelers once found solace in the desert hideaway of Palm Springs.

Where Legends Once Wandered:

The Tennis Club area surrounding Old Ranch Inn resonates with a long and fascinating history. It was a haven for luminaries of Hollywood’s golden era, political figures, and renowned world travelers who sought the allure of Palm Springs as their personal desert sanctuary. Honeymooners at Old Ranch Inn are not just guests; they become part of the legacy that stretches back to the days when legends roamed these streets.

Secluded Privacy in the Heart of Downtown Palm Springs:

Old Ranch Inn, with its eight suites, is a haven of privacy, completely walled and gated to provide an intimate retreat for honeymooners. The property is centered around a heated pool, inviting couples to bask in the warmth of 88-degree waters and create cherished moments amid the serene ambiance.

Welcoming Your Furry Friend:

At Old Ranch Inn, the warmth of hospitality extends not only to guests but also to their well-behaved canine companions. This dog-friendly retreat ensures that your furry friend is not just welcome but embraced in the spirit of companionship.

Your Intimate Hideaway in Palm Springs

Today, as you check in with your loved one (and your dog) at Old Ranch Inn, you’ll discover more than just a boutique hotel. This is an intimate hideaway, a place to call your very own amid the charming streets of Downtown Palm Springs. Old Ranch Inn invites honeymooners to create their own chapter in the rich history of Palm Springs, where the ‘Old West‘ spirit lingers in every corner, and the promise of a timeless romance awaits.