Petite Auberge

Nestled between the iconic Nob Hill and Union Square, Petite Auberge emerges as a charming boutique hotel, offering an enchanting escape for honeymooners in the heart of San Francisco. From French doors adorned with beveled glass to a curated collection of French art, every detail transports you to a world of French provincial allure.

Intimate Ambiance with Fireside Elegance:

As you step into Petite Auberge, you’re welcomed by an intimate ambiance that combines the warmth of fireside elegance with the sophistication of French-inspired décor. The cozy parlor, complete with a crackling fire, invites guests to unwind and embrace the romantic atmosphere that permeates the entire establishment.

Indulge in Daily Delights:

Petite Auberge understands that a honeymoon is a time for indulgence. Daily delights await guests, including a complimentary breakfast basket that promises a delightful start to each day. Picture yourself enjoying morning treats in a setting that feels like a cozy French retreat.

Complimentary Wine and Nibbles:

The romance continues into the evening with a complimentary daily glass of wine accompanied by delectable nibbles. Whether you choose to savor these treats in the charming common areas or the privacy of your room, each moment is an opportunity to celebrate love.

Fireplaces and French Touches:

Most guestrooms at Petite Auberge are adorned with fireplaces, adding an extra layer of warmth to your stay. French touches are scattered throughout, ensuring that every corner of the hotel is infused with the same enchantment that inspired its creation.

Discover Sisterly Serenity:

For those seeking even more serenity, Petite Auberge’s sister hotel, White Swan Inn, is just steps away. This seamless connection allows guests to explore two unique hideaways, each offering its own brand of comfort and charm.

Embrace Romance in San Francisco:

Petite Auberge invites honeymooners to embrace the romance of San Francisco in a setting that feels like a private French haven. With its attention to detail, personalized service, and delightful surprises at every turn, this boutique gem is the perfect choice for couples seeking an intimate escape in the heart of the city.