Tobago is the smaller island and more laid back. It is a nature lover’s paradise, with rainforests, inviting bays and coves, and nature reserves to explore. The southwestern coast of the island has more tourism developments between Crown Point and Plymouth and at the sublime Castara Bay. On the opposite windward side of the island, there are little fishing villages where you can kick back with the locals in roadside bars and diners.

There are plenty of beaches to choose from but a must-visit on your honeymoon is the secluded Lovers’ Bay, which can only be reached by boat. Birdwatchers will want to head to the Tobago Forest Reserve and the nearby Little Tobago Island, where you can see some of the seventeen species of hummingbirds found in the islands, among many other feathered denizens. Or you can choose to go for a relaxing swim in the cool waters of the Argyle Falls.