Are you and your loved one looking for the best of Caribbean seclusion where you can relax in the warm sun, take in the natural island scenery and pick from a huge variety of incredible outdoor activities? Well then stop searching, because a honeymoon in St. Vincent & the Grenadines is perfect for a couple like you.

There are 32 islands in these “Jewels of the Caribbean”, and they lay claim to some of the most romantic luxury resorts, inns, plantations, small boutique hotels and private island honeymoon spots found anywhere in the world. Once you settle into one of their honeymoon-friendly resorts and begin to explore your tropical surroundings, you’ll discover brilliant blue seas, gorgeous beaches and colorful reefs that make sailing, snorkeling, water sports, diving, tanning, and bathing all a piece of honeymoon heaven.

On land you’ll find another endless variety of things to do including taking a hike on a breathtaking volcano, jumping off of a cliff into a waterfall pond, touring beautiful tropical gardens, getting a massage on the beach, enjoying his and her spa treatments and playing golf or tennis as the mood suits you. The food is great, the sunsets are glorious, the people are friendly, and there are honeymoon stays to fit any honeymoon budget. Even more, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a great place for a destination wedding! So take a look and start planning, because this is a tropical paradise no romantic can afford to miss.

The 1 Best Honeymoon Resorts in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Sandals Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

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About Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

At a Glance

Lots of tropical destinations promise some combination of island seclusion, exotic adventure and tropical charm, but nowhere delivers quite like St. Vincent and The Grenadines. Whether it’s pure beach relaxation, action-packed eco adventure or a little of both, your honeymoon is going to be unforgettable if you spend it on this chain of magnificent islands. Get the most out of your honeymoon in the Caribbean and be sure not to miss these treasures of St. Vincent and The Grenadines.

  • ST. VINCENT. The Grenadines’ main island is a tropical wonderland featuring lush rain-forests, volcanic mountains and the capital city of Kingstown – a place where the old colonial days come to life with cobble stoned streets, old-timey archways, lively locals and bustling shops just soaked in island charm.
  • BEQUIA. This secluded island is the perfect place for budget honeymooners to escape to their own private paradise. Just lay back on any of the island’s incredible secluded beaches and you and your loved one can live like kings on the cheap, with what feels like your own natural island palace.
  • ISLAND HOPPING. With 32 islands in the chain, some are more developed and others are more secluded. The best activities and excursions vary according to each island’s own size, landscape and character. Plan some island hopping trips and take in all that this archipelago has to offer.
  • TAKE A DIVE. Snorkel the day away in any number of shallow water reefs and see the creatures of the Caribbean up close. If you want to go deeper, take your loved one on a Scuba dive with an underwater camera and see romantic shipwrecks, underwater caves, brilliant reefs, colorful tropical fish and all the rest of this sparkling seas’ underwater wonders.
  • GET ON A YACHT. Find out why St. Vincent and The Grenadines have been intriguing sailors for centuries and cruise along the bright blue sea with only the whipping tropical wind as your fuel. Romantic boat charters can take you across the island chain where you can see reefs, volcanoes, ocean creatures, cays and more.
  • SEE THE LAND. Hike on volcanoes, relax on beaches, stand beneath crystal waterfalls or tour the emerald rain-forest with an eco adventure in St. Vincent and The Grenadines. Active couples have lots to do and see while they honeymoon in paradise, but with so much to choose from, more tranquil lovers can also see some of the Caribbean’s best beaches and landscapes without breaking the bank.
  • WATCH THE WHALES. Tour companies take couples out to see beautiful families of dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. See them spray from their blowholes, slap the sea with enormous tails and zip through the clear blue water like speedboats. Different tours will allow you to see a different places and things, so research a few different ones and decide what you and your loved one want to see the most.

Fast Facts

  • CURRENCY: The local money is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, a regional currency pegged to the US dollar.
  • TIPPING: A 10% fee is generally added to restaurant bills. If not, you can tip that amount. The 10% rate also applies to tour operators and taxi drivers. Bellmen and porters can be tipped $1 US per bag, and housekeepers might expect around $2 US per day for their service.
  • LANGUAGE: English is spoken on all the islands.
  • WHEN TO VISIT: The climate is tropical, with warm weather all year and a rainy season from late May to November. Best to go in the dry season, though prices will be at their peak during this popular time.
  • GETTING THERE: The main entryway for most travelers is the small airport in Kingstown, St. Vincent, called ET Joshua Airport. Once there, travelers typically go by boat to their main destination. The islands of Canouan, Union Island, Bequia and Mustique all have small airports as well. Schedules on the island tend to be flexible, so plan ahead but don’t be surprised if things change around a bit once you’re there.
  • GETTING AROUND: Car and motorcycle rentals are available on Bequia and St. Vincent, but other islands in St. Vincent and The Grenadines don’t even have roads! Research your specific destination to see if this is a good option, but be aware that you drive on the left and in an accident you’re likely to end up liable for damages. The best way by far is to get around by boat, and there are plenty of ferries to take you from place to place. If you decide on using a taxi to get around on an individual island, be sure to agree on a fare beforehand so there are no surprises.