JAMAICA: A Paradise for Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties

JAMAICA: A Paradise for Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties

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Before you tie the knot and enter the next phase of your life, it’s absolutely essential to celebrate with one final bash with friends and loved ones. The party allows you to spend time with long-time friends while also crucially calming some of those pre-wedding jitters. And when it comes to finding the best spot that has activities and accommodations everyone will love, JAMAICA is the Caribbean’s crown jewel. The island oasis is packed with so much fun that it’s an excellent choice for both him and her. Think of it as a honeymoon before the honeymoon; a romantic paradise that you will most certainly want to return to with your partner!

For Her: Yoga & Wellness Spas

After all of the stressful wedding planning, the soothing experience of staying at a yoga retreat is an unrivaled pleasure. From Go Natural in Long Bay to the Coral Cove Wellness Retreat in Little Bay, JAMAICA is well-known for its natural sanctuaries that put the heart and mind at ease. You and your party will be surrounded by lush greenery and sweeping views as you enjoy a transformative wellness experience. Another great option is an all-inclusive resort like Sandals, which offers its own Red Lane Spa. All-inclusives make trips easy and fun with activities and restaurants always at your fingertips, and the spa treatments include everything from aromatherapy to deep-tissue massages.

For Him: Thrilling Adventures

Rush down the Rio Bueno on a river rapid adventure, soar over YS Falls on a zipline, race down Mystic Mountain on a 1000m-long bobsled course, or surf the waves at Boston Bay. JAMAICA is ready to be experienced however you choose, and adventure-seekers will embrace seemingly endless possibilities for adrenaline-pumping fun. Much of this has to do with the island’s terrific diversity of natural settings, with the Blue Mountains, Caribbean Sea, and all offering unique opportunities for a one-of-a-kind bachelor party. There is an impressive amount of things to do and sights to see, so be sure to plan a multi-day adventure itinerary for maximum excitement!

For Her: Gorgeous Oceanfront Villas

Just imagine luxuriating in a warm pool with a clear view of palm trees gently swaying amid the expansive Caribbean. Luxury villas are the perfect bachelorette party setting for ladies who want to kick back and relax in tropical paradise. The island’s villas are spread across the island, meaning that there are options in Negil and South Coast for those seeking a quiet ambiance, and ones in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios that take full advantage of the proximity to attractions and restaurants. The mix of lavishness and natural beauty is a truly spectacular way to celebrate an upcoming wedding, and friends will talk about the unique experience for years to come.

For Him: Distilleries and Breweries

The love and passion that goes into distilling premium rums have been passed down through the generations in JAMAICA. Thankfully, there are numerous acclaimed distilleries to learn about this rich history…and sip the delicious rums, of course. Among the island’s most beloved distilleries are Appleton Estate, Hampden Estate, and Worthy Park Estate. Each one puts its own unique spin on the rum-making process, so be sure to visit them all or book a rum tour for a safe and enjoyable experience. For a truly special trip, consider attending the annual Jamaica Rum Festival which brings rum tastings, live music, and delicious local cuisine to Kingston. The island has plenty more to offer than just rum, too. Beer lovers will not want to miss Clubhouse Brewery, the country’s first craft brewery, or the chance to drink a cold Red Stripe at the source.

For Her: Luxury Catamaran Cruises

Gazing at the setting sun with an ice-cold rum punch in hand is the vacation dream, but doing it on a luxury catamaran is a fantasy brought to life. The crystal-clear waters that surround JAMAICA are magnificent in every way, with colorful coral reefs attracting all sorts of exotic sea life. Private catamaran cruises can be booked all across the island and provide an idyllic setting for taking in the stunning beauty. As the sun begins to set on the horizon, your catamaran can be turned into your own personal nightclub, with you and your friends swaying to the rhythm. Or book a cruise that also features watersports like snorkeling or water tubing!

For Him: Caribbean Golfing

The fast greens and sweeping ocean views at JAMAICA’S golf courses are a joy for professionals and amateurs alike. The island’s world-class courses have been home to numerous international events, including The Ryder Cup at Runaway Bay Golf Club and the Dunhill Cup Final of the Americas at Half Moon Golf Club in Montego Bay. Unique hole arrangements abound, with the island atmosphere being absolutely perfect for a morning or afternoon with the guys. Plus, with experienced golf professionals and great pro shops, you’ll have full access to all of the equipment and expertise you could want.

For Everyone: JAMAICA'S Famous Nightlife

Some couples will not want to be away from each other for a second, and that’s great too! Couples that want to go on a joint trip – otherwise known as a Jack and Jill – will find that JAMAICA’S energetic nightlife scene is ideal for combined fun. The island is overflowing with spots for dancing the night away, with Montego Bay having some of the best nightclubs and casinos in the Caribbean. Similarly, the party atmosphere at Rick’s Cafe in Negil is not to be missed, and there is always a mouthwatering margarita to be enjoyed at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, or Negil. Whether you’re looking to enjoy quiet drinks with friends or truly feel the Jamaican rhythm, the island is a phenomenal destination for all types of gatherings.