8 Thrilling Honeymoon Destinations for Adventurous Couples

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The process of declaring one’s devotion and commitment to one another through marriage is one of life’s greatest adventures. After the ceremonies and celebrations come to an end, it seems only fitting to ignite this newfound excitement as newlyweds. Many couples use their honeymoon as the perfect opportunity to kick start their lifetime together, full of new adventures and experiences.

For some, this might look like relaxing by the pool at a tropical, all-inclusive resort, or touring the streets and seeing all that the city of Paris has to offer. However, there are endless amounts of options for choosing your ideal honeymoon destination, and many reasons to choose an adventure honeymoon.

So, when it comes time to decide where to begin this new chapter as newlyweds, you are sure to have a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable experience. Whether exploring various cultures and traditions, expanding your palate and trying new foods, or mingling about the unique markets of your destination, you and your partner are creating adventures that are specific to your journey as a couple. The memorable stories that you’ll bring back with you keep the romance alive, and you’ll be holding each other’s hand through the entire journey.

When you envision your ideal honeymoon destination, where do you see yourself and your partner? Do you see yourselves in an exotic location that speaks to your wanderlust and thrill-seeking side? If so, then selecting a location you can thoroughly experience and explore through hiking the trails and taking in the scenery, interacting with the native and exotic fauna, and snorkeling the ocean shores won’t let you down.

If the ‘thrill’ is an integral part of your relationship, then our list of adrenaline invoking-yet intimately romantic honeymoon destinations is for you. Are you ready to elevate your romantic getaway and relationship to the next level?

Tips to Remember While Planning an Adventure Honeymoon

Tips to Remember While Planning an Adventure Honeymoon

Create a honeymoon registry

If your heart is set on a lifelong, dream destination that might be slightly out of your budget, creating a registry is an efficient way to save money on your honeymoon. Your friends and family can help pitch in so you don’t have to drain your savings for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Share your travel plans and itinerary to give your guests insight into what you have planned, that way, they can feel more involved and they won’t be simply writing a check.

Your registry can include anything from plane tickets, hotel or dining accommodations, to the submersive excursions and experiences offered at your honeymoon destination of choice (i.e. a couples massage, or booking a photographer). By creating a honeymoon fund or registry, you’re allowing your loved ones to be included in making your marriage an ongoing adventure for you and your significant other, long after the formal wedding ceremony is over.

Timing is everything

It’s important to carefully weigh out your options before you begin planning your honeymoon as there are many factors at play here. Deciding to depart immediately following the wedding, or choosing to go months down the line can ultimately make or break your entire trip depending on the time of year. When it comes time for adventuring, many tropical locations have a rainy season. If it’s outdoor adventures you seek, then it’s best to wait until climates are drier (and bearable in terms of temperature) for trekking and sightseeing.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you’re looking for a location best suited for wintry activities, you will want to look at the months with the best snowpack. Researching and doing due diligence into your destination will leave you feeling excited, prepped, and ready for all of the weather-dependent experiences the location has to offer upon arrival. It’s also helpful to look for off-seasons when stunning resorts and thrilling activities will offer their lowest rates to visitors so you can save some extra cash.

Prepare a well-equipped travel bag

When plans have all been made and you can’t wait to be at your dream destination, the last thing you want is to forget something. Save yourself the worries of having to scrounge the new city you’re in to find an alternative and ensure you have everything you need packed before you embark on your trip. Gather all necessary documents you’ll need in a secure wallet, carry a first-aid kit, and bring a travel guide to avoid becoming lost.

You’ll also likely be spending most of your time outdoors, so dress accordingly (lightweight clothing, closed-toed shoes), and wear sunblock and insect repellent if necessary to withstand the elements. Through long days of sunny skies, don’t forget to protect your eyesight with sunglass lenses that block 100% of UV rays. Life-savers like these feel natural and are essential if you’re going to be doing a lot of sightseeing every day. A pair of binoculars can open up your eyes to more, too.

Now that we’ve shared our beneficial tips to prepare, let’s get into the fun stuff for deciding on your magical adventure-filled honeymoon!

1. Spend time in the paradise of <a href=Costa Rica" title="1. Spend time in the paradise of Costa Rica">

1. Spend time in the paradise of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a rediscovered paradise waiting for adventurous and opportunity-seeking newlyweds to experience. It offers an incredible land for adventure year-round; filled with magnificent views, unforgettable cloud forests, and breathtaking scenery everywhere you turn. Plus, it’s considered to be one of the safest Central American countries to visit.

On your journey, you can expect to spot towering waterfalls and rare animals in the tropical rain forests through immersive experiences such as zip-lining, bungee jumping, water rappelling and rafting, canopy tours, or an expedition at the Arenal Volcano, plus so much more. The potential of action-packed excursions this destination has to offer is too long to compile in a list. Besides all that, who doesn’t want to soak in one of the area’s hot springs to end their day? During the off-season months, you may even score a private beach all to yourselves.

2. Sightsee the beauties of South Africa

2. Sightsee the beauties of South Africa

South Africa is the ideal destination, perfect for animal lovers who want to also indulge in their sense of adventure during their honeymoon. Venture through beautiful wildlife on an African safari with natural sights and sounds with majestic animals that will take your breath away.

It’s the rare opportunity to get up-close views of animals who roam free in their natural habitats. Visit Kruger National Park where it’s famed for its Big Five sightings including lions, leopards, black rhinoceros, African bush elephants, and African buffalo. Africa is a dream place to escape to far from anything ordinary.

3. Get your adrenaline pumping in New Zealand

Adrenaline-junkies can see New Zealand as the ultimate honeymoon destination thanks to a variety of activities on both land and sea. It packs countless “firsts” you and your forever best friend can experience together.

Whatever you’re ready for New Zealand is sure to offer. You can test your endurance and tour the waterways and kayak or jet-boat through unbelievable terrain, ride horses on the beaches, boogie board on the sand dunes, ice climb, bungee jump, zip line, and so much more around every scenic corner. You’ll be surrounded by nature and can take shelter in lodges or go glamping. One thing you won’t want to pass up is skydiving. An awe-inspiring eagle-eye view of soaring alongside glaciers welcomes you to take a leap of faith, unlike any other adventure.

4. Discover a picture-perfect trip in Iceland

4. Discover a picture-perfect trip in Iceland

Iceland is commonly at the top of countless travel lists, and for good reason. It’s a must-see for backpackers and van-lifers alike so if you’re a couple who appreciates that type of lifestyle, you’re sure to have fun making memories here.  Plus, it’s the only place where you can touch two continents at one time in the Continental Divide.

Snorkel through Icelandic waters with sights of humpback whales. Take part in glacier hikes, whale watching, trekking through lava fields, and come across ice caves, black sand beaches, and blue lagoons. You can also rent a Cozy Camper to help you travel at your own pace and spend time on all the picturesque roads. All the while, you can enjoy the free Wi-Fi 4G hotspot, unlimited mileage, long-lasting heat, and more to complete the road trip of your life. Don’t forget to get a prime viewing spot of those technicolor Northern Lights.

5. Trek to new heights in the Colorado mountains

5. Trek to new heights in the Colorado mountains

Colorado is just the right place for couples who love crisp winter air and live an outdoorsy lifestyle. Take your honeymoon skiing or snowboarding on the downhill snowy slopes, then cuddle up with your partner on the breathtaking lift up the mountains. Outings such as fly fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, intense hiking, bungee jumping, and romantic sled rides can also invite you in for an exceptional time.

Book a trip with a professional guide and travel via snowcat or helicopter to a remote ski spot where fresh powder and no crowds will be guaranteed. Every part of your adventure will be heartwarming, especially when you find yourself cozied up in a hot tub under the stars at the luxury rustic cabins of Vista Verde Ranch.

6. Find peace and exploration in Thailand

6. Find peace and exploration in Thailand

Thailand breathes adventure as must-see sights beckon around every corner. Travelers can explore mystical landscapes and stunning ancient temples. Plan your day together in the fast-paced city of Bangkok with markets full of life, or stay in the remote region of the Golden Triangle.

You and your significant other’s schedule can be filled with biking through this area, going on ATV rides or trekking through the jungle and bamboo forests to find hidden peaceful temples, and even encountering rescued elephants to walk beside. Complete your stay in a treehouse or a luxurious tent and you may never be ready to leave.

7. Travel across the golden state of California

7. Travel across the golden state of California

If you want a destination that has it all, California is your calling. With its size and diversity, there’s something exciting for everyone; and active couples especially. Enjoy road trips, exploring waterfalls, hidden caves, facing challenging hikes, and rock climbing during the day with national parks like Yosemite.

Feeling brave? Guadalupe island provides shark diving excursions for daredevils to swim alongside sharks in the safety of your diving vessel. Airbnb offers authentic 5-star experiences for things to do in California if you’re feeling adventurous for visiting the Hollywood sign, whale and dolphin watching, flying above LA, heading to Napa Valley and its world-famous wineries, and so much more. After it all, you can wind down and relax, lounging by the lapping waves on the beach at sunset.

8. Fly away to natural wonders in Australia

8. Fly away to natural wonders in Australia

A honeymoon in Australia boasts scenic coastal activities, iconic architecture, and beautiful landscapes. It’s a far-away destination, but is one worth it for those seeking to fill aquatic adventures and brave the unknown. Dive into crystal clear waters at the Great Barrier Reef, where you can scuba dive and snorkel in a whole new world passing by colorful corals, adorable fish and dolphins.

Overall, there is truly an abundance of nature and exotic wildlife. A regular day can include zip lining in tropical rainforests, riding camels along the beach, or even visiting Kangaroo Island where you can get up close to kangaroos themselves, koalas, seals, black swans, penguins, and pelicans. Wherever you go, the island of Australia never fails to impress anyone.

Between getting married and going on your honeymoon, there is so much opportunity to create memorable experiences aside from the formal wedding process. If you’re planning a destination wedding, don’t hesitate to take a step further with an additional romantic trip for your honeymoon, giving you another new adventure with your partner.

An unforgettable getaway can bring newlyweds even closer together. The world is a big, beautiful place to see and complete a bucket list with your forever person. No matter what sort of thrills you’re after there’s a honeymoon out there filled with adventure that’s just waiting for you both!

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