Scuba & Snorkeling Honeymoon

If you’re a pair of nature lovers looking for a classic sun, sea and sand getaway, a scuba and snorkeling honeymoon sounds just right for you. Snap on a mask and pair of fins, and glide away side by side into clear tropical waters, getting close up to beautiful coral reefs and their colorful, fishy residents. Scuba diving will take you deeper underwater, letting you explore mysterious shipwrecks and undersea caverns.

Where in the world can you go for such an enchanting experience? Well, there are actually plenty of destinations to choose for your scuba & snorkeling honeymoon – the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, the pristine seas off the Mexican Caribbean, the Hawaiian Islands and the atolls of French Polynesia all offer ideal conditions for underwater sightseeing, along with other water sports and stunning ocean and tropical scenery.

In the Indian Ocean, the island of the Maldives and the stunning coastline of Zanzibar have swims and dives for both beginners and experts. Still further away, make scuba diving the highlight of your visit to Thailand, and explore the underwater formations in the Gulf of Thailand. To make your honeymoon truly memorable, visit one of nature’s most impressive spectacles, the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

You don’t have to be an expert to start, and you can actually get your scuba diving certification while on vacation. Expert scuba divers can undertake more difficult dives, exploring sunken ships and even an underwater art museum off the coast at Cancun.

The world’s top scuba diving and snorkeling sites are also among the most romantic places, with all kinds of activities to keep you busy and picture-perfect beaches to laze the days away if you prefer. A scuba and snorkeling honeymoon will open up a new world to you, and you’ll probably want to continue exploring the undersea wonderland on your anniversaries too.