Sun Outdoors Key Largo

Tucked away at mile marker 97.5, Sun Outdoors Key Largo invites couples on a honeymoon to a comfortable sanctuary that skillfully combines the allure of an RV park with the coziness of small-town lodging. This resort offers more than 35 fully equipped RV sites with WiFi and cable TV, perfect for those looking for a peaceful location in the Florida Keys. As an alternative, pick from the vacation cottages, small motel, or duplex, each of which offers a distinctive hideaway customized to your tastes.

Nautical Adventures:

Sun Outdoors Key Largo stands out as one of the best Florida Keys RV Parks for a reason. Boasting a boat launch, docks, and a small private beach, the resort invites you to embark on nautical adventures. Dive into the crystalline waters for snorkeling, launch your boat for a day of exploration, or simply bask in the sun on the private beach. The resort’s prime location ensures that every day is a celebration of the coastal lifestyle.

Urban Excursions:

While Sun Outdoors Key Largo offers a serene escape, it also serves as a gateway to a myriad of surrounding attractions and urban opportunities. Step outside the gates and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, dining, and entertainment options that Key Largo has to offer. From charming boutiques to seafood restaurants, every exploration promises a delightful discovery.

Versatile Accommodations:

Whether you opt for an RV site, motel room, or vacation cottage, Sun Outdoors Key Largo provides versatile accommodations to suit your preferences. RV sites come equipped with water, sewer, and electric hookups, while motel rooms and cottages offer amenities such as private bathrooms, heating, air conditioning, flat-screen cable TVs, WiFi, kitchenettes, and outdoor spaces with tables and chairs. Accessible and pet-friendly options ensure that every guest feels welcome.

Nature’s Embrace:

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Florida Keys, Sun Outdoors Key Largo becomes a haven where you can escape the hustle and bustle. Take a leisurely stroll through the resort’s grounds, savor the ocean breeze, or gather around a campfire for a cozy evening under the stars. Here, nature’s embrace becomes an integral part of your romantic getaway.

Pet-Friendly Paradise:

For those traveling with furry companions, Sun Outdoors Key Largo extends a warm welcome. Pet-friendly accommodations and ample outdoor spaces create a paradise for both couples and their four-legged friends. Create lasting memories as you explore the resort and nearby attractions together.

A Coastal Oasis:

Sun Outdoors Key Largo stands as a coastal oasis, where the allure of RV living, cozy accommodations, and the beauty of the Florida Keys converge. Whether you’re seeking adventure on the water, urban exploration, or simply a peaceful retreat, this resort offers a canvas for creating cherished honeymoon memories.