Hotel Secreto

Tucked away on the captivating Isla Mujeres and honored among Conde Nast Traveler’s 50 Best New Hotels in the World, Hotel Secreto is a sleek nine-room hideaway that seamlessly blends Santorini charm with the sophisticated style reminiscent of Ian Schrager. For honeymooners seeking a chic retreat, this award-winning hotel, constantly evolving and upgrading, promises an intimate escape that feels more like a private beach house than a traditional hotel.

Sleek Santorini-Meets-Schrager Style:

Hotel Secreto exudes an air of sophistication, effortlessly marrying the allure of Santorini with the sleek style reminiscent of Ian Schrager. The result is a unique ambiance that offers honeymooners a refined and exclusive retreat on the shores of Isla Mujeres.

Award-Winning Design:

Designed by an award-winning architect, Hotel Secreto stands as a testament to artistic brilliance. Every corner of the hotel reflects thoughtful design, creating a seamless fusion of modern aesthetics with the natural beauty of the surroundings. The hotel’s appearance is more akin to a high-end private beach house, ensuring an intimate and exclusive atmosphere.

All Junior Suite Layout:

Renovated in 2005, Hotel Secreto now boasts an all-junior suite layout, providing honeymooners with spacious and luxurious accommodations. Each suite is a haven of comfort, offering the perfect retreat after a day of exploring the island or lounging by the pool.

Enhanced Poolside Service:

Modern touches, including Wi-Fi and pre-loaded iPods, add an extra layer of sophistication to the poolside experience. Hotel Secreto understands that relaxation is an art, and the enhanced poolside service ensures that every moment spent by the 20-meter lap pool is one of leisure and luxury.

Intimate Atmosphere:

With only nine rooms, Hotel Secreto creates an intimate atmosphere for honeymooners seeking privacy and tranquility. The exclusivity of the setting allows couples to escape from the ordinary and immerse themselves in a world where every detail caters to their desires.

Captivating Lap Pool:

The 20-meter lap pool at Hotel Secreto is not just a pool; it’s a sanctuary of serenity. Surrounded by chic loungers and shaded areas, the pool invites honeymooners to cool off, unwind, and enjoy the tropical ambiance in style.

Hotel Secreto stands as a sleek and stylish haven on Isla Mujeres, offering honeymooners an unparalleled escape into sophistication and romance. From its award-winning design and exclusive all-junior suite layout to the enhanced poolside service, every facet of the hotel is curated for a luxurious and intimate experience. For couples seeking a Santorini-meets-Schrager retreat, Hotel Secreto beckons as the epitome of chic elegance on the shores of Isla Mujeres.