10 Ways To Say “I Do” In Jamaica

10 Ways To Say “I Do” In Jamaica

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There are few islands that have accommodations for a variety of wedding types, but there may be none that afford more possibilities than JAMAICA. The island truly does offer a wedding for every couple, regardless of personal preferences, guest list size, or cultural traditions. The diversity of options may make choosing a theme and venue a challenge, so we decided to come up with some of our favorites Here are ten ways to say “I do” in style in JAMAICA.

The Foodie Wedding

Delicious Jamaican cuisine is perfectly suited to your big day! When it comes to the food at weddings, you’ll almost always find goat curry – an incredibly flavorful dish with succulent meat that is slowly cooked for hours. And then there’s the wedding cake. As JAMAICA is well-known for having the tastiest rums in all the world, it’s fitting that the traditional wedding cake for weddings on the island is a rum-infused cake. Beyond being moist and unbelievably rich in spices and unique flavors, a Jamaican Black Rum Cake requires a ceremony all its own. The cake is traditionally carried in procession to the ceremony, veiled in white lace until its long-awaited reveal. It’s certainly worth the wait, for you will likely not taste a better cake anywhere else!

The Fairytale Wedding

Looking to go all out for a wedding that none of your attendees will ever forget? JAMAICA has you covered. World-class wedding professionals are located right on the island to handle everything from the décor to the photography, making planning an absolute breeze. Plus, when it comes to luxury Caribbean venues, JAMAICA truly stands on its own. Gold décor and vintage chandeliers? Done. The most beautiful flowers found anywhere in the world? Of course. Handcrafted signature cocktails and delectable hors d’oeuvres? Luxury all-inclusive resorts, historic mansions, and state-of-the-art facilities are populated across the island to ensure that only your imagination is the limit to what is possible.

The Dreamlike Rustic Wedding

On the other hand, if your vision of perfection involves something a bit more laid-back, a rustic wedding is just what you seek. The country offers a plethora of natural settings that need little fine-tuning to turn them into spectacular spots for making your love official. From rustic terraces to relaxed natural locations, the island can more than accommodate a memorable rustic theme. Plus, a laid-back wedding offers plenty of advantages for a destination wedding as you won’t have to go overboard with packing extras!

The Partier's Wedding - Dancing All Night Long

Unlike weddings held in the United States and various other countries, a typical Jamaican wedding reception is a party without a finishing time. In fact, attendees will often stay through sunrise, ensuring that the dancing and partying goes throughout the night. Whether you’re planning to have your wedding at one of the island’s stellar all-inclusive resorts or oceanfront wedding venues, you can arrange for extended dancing out on the beach or simply make the most out of the thriving nightlife scene in Montego Bay!

The Environmentally-Sustainable Wedding at a Lush Garden

Showing respect for the natural world is not only admirable, but it’s definitely en vogue right now as a wedding theme. It begins with utilizing natural décor instead of added decoration and extends to foregoing non-recyclable products and maybe even adopting a vegan menu. There’s no better place to have an Earth-centric wedding than JAMAICA thanks to the eco-conscious locals and the stunning garden wedding venues that available to couples! From breathtaking botanical gardens to stunning historic mansions with private gardens, there is no shortage of natural beauty on the island.

The Aqua Wedding at an Over-the-Water Chapel

There are aqua weddings and then there are aqua weddings in JAMAICA. The spectacular Caribbean views offered by the country’s pristine coastline provide a backdrop that is second to none for wedding ceremonies and receptions that are water-themed. While you can most certainly book a phenomenal beach wedding with the picturesque Caribbean waves gently lapping at the white sands, why not get married over the water? Over-the-water wedding chapels at Sandals allow you to not only tie the knot surrounded by mesmerizing turquoise waters, but the chapels even have glass-bottomed floors to bring you as close to the water as possible!

The Palm Tree Themed Wedding

There are few things more intertwined with the spirit of relaxation than palm trees. The gently swaying trees that populate JAMAICA’s beaches offer the perfect addition to any beach photo, but you can take things to the next level with a palm tree-themed wedding! Ceremonies can be held beneath the shade of these beautiful trees, and lights can be strung between them for an evening reception that is the epitome of romance. A favorite Jamaican wedding custom is to deck out the ceremony and reception areas with local flowers, and the unique tropical plants that inhabit the island will only add to your fantastic theme.

The Traditional Jamaican Wedding

Beyond the cuisine and tropical vibe that brings a touch of JAMAICA to every wedding on the island, the country’s traditional wedding is similar to many others you’ve attended. There’s the ceremony, the reception, and the dressing up, but there are plenty of great island traditions you might want to incorporate into your once-in-a-lifetime experience. One favorite tradition is that the bride is “given away” by both her parents instead of just her father, so this might be a great way to share the love between parents. You can even get to the island a bit early and shop for some handcrafted trinkets at craft markets in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios for decorations and favors.

The Blue Mountains Wedding - Say “I Do” At 3100 Feet

JAMAICA is known for more than just its beaches, and the Blue Mountains offer untold possibilities for a memorable wedding. Sweeping views of the island’s rolling hills and seemingly-endless Caribbean waters are afforded at the higher altitudes, and the sheer beauty of the location means that you can rely on the natural elements for a stunning backdrop instead of fretting over decorations. Strawberry Hill combines the best aspects of a mountain wedding with the tropical touches that the island is known for – namely the mouthwatering dishes and beautiful local flowers!

The Tun T'anks Sunday

A beloved tradition in JAMAICA, Tun T’anks Sunday is held on the Sunday following the wedding and keeps the celebration going well beyond the wedding day. This is another prime occasion for delicious Jamaican delicacies, cake, and rum drinks, and the popularity of the tradition means that it’s sometimes bigger than the wedding reception! Those planning a destination wedding might not be able to follow the tradition exactly (it’s usually held at the bride’s home), but all inclusive resorts, renowned restaurants, white-sand beaches, and entertainment venues offer plenty of destinations for further partying.