Put A Little Jamaica In Your Honeymoon

Put A Little Jamaica In Your Honeymoon

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There are honeymoon destinations that have a lot to offer in the romance department, and then there’s Jamaica. We like to say that Jamaica is a honeymoon oasis for every possible honeymood. Sensuous couples massages on pristine white-sand beaches. Dining by candlelight as the sun sets behind the gentle Caribbean waves. Adrenaline-packed adventures ascending to the peaks of towering mountains. Strolling through lush botanical gardens with your partner’s hand in yours.

Whether your honeymood is relaxed, jubilant, whimsical, or of course romantic, JAMAICA is the place for you. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite activities for recommending to couples. And while booking in advance is a great idea for a number of these dining and resort experiences, we highly recommend checking in with your honeymoon resort’s concierge for the best guides and tour companies!


A natural paradise that remains one of the Caribbean’s most beloved spots for rest and relaxation, Negril has long been a honeymoon favorite. Lying out on Seven Mile Beach’s white sands is unbelievably romantic, though a sunset catamaran cruise enhances the romantic vibes even further. The cruise is given a unique Jamaican flair thanks to its combination of stunning views, a coral reef snorkeling adventure, and an open bar with all of your local favorites like Appleton rum and Red Stripe beer. The tour concludes at Rick’s Cafe, where you’ll take in a glorious sunset and have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cliff jump off Rick’s Cafe’s 40-foot ledge.

Rick’s Cafe’s mouthwatering seafood and handcrafted cocktails aren’t the only good eats in Negril. Foodies will want to make sure they plan a visit to The Caves, which offers a private dining experience for the ages. Choose from either Moonbeam or Seastar, both of which offer a romantic five-course meal by candlelight in a natural cave just feet from the sea. The dozens of flickering candles and generous blanket of pink bougainvillea petals are the perfect ingredients for the ultimate Instagram photo.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is uniquely suited to honeymoon bliss, with the closeness of renowned attractions and restaurants ensuring effortless romance. Start off your day with a visit to the Rose Hall Great House, Jamaica’s premier 18th-century architectural wonder. You can explore the stunning estate and its beautiful gardens on a leisurely tour, which offers plenty of opportunities for the perfect photo. You can stick around and enjoy a special Witches Brew cocktail at the exclusive Dungeon Bar, bird watch in the gardens, or tee off at the Cinnamon Hill or White Witch Golf Courses.

After Rose Hall, a private candlelit dinner is the best way to take in Montego Bay’s famous sunset. Look no further than the HouseBoat Grill. A genuine floating restaurant in Bogue Lagoon, the HouseBoat Grill’s rotating seasonal menus are paired with an extensive wine menu and special desserts. As you take your lover’s hand and watch the sun begins to set over the horizon, the promise of a wonderful life together will fill you with joy.

Port Antonio

Hollywood favorites like Cocktail and Club Paradise have used Port Antonio‘s beauty to great effect, and the city invites you to be the star in your own romance story. Ascend to the 7200-foot peak of the Blue Mountains to take in the views and sip the world-famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee right at the source. Explore the city’s numerous craft villages to find the perfect souvenirs and head to nearby Boston for a succulent jerk pork lunch at The Boston Jerk Center, Ivy’s Jerk Centre, and Shaggy’s Jerk Shop.

No romantic honeymoon in Port Antonio would be complete without a dip in the Blue Lagoon. The pristine lagoon is just a few miles outside of Port Antonio, and its gentle turquoise waters are a sight to behold. You can spend a quiet afternoon simply taking in the beauty or turn it into a full experience with a rafting or boating tour.


The capital of Jamaica is bursting with culture and romance, with the signature destination being Devon House. The 19th-century plantation home is open for informative tours that allow visitors to experience what life was like in the bygone era. Touring the immaculate grounds is sure to work up your appetite, and what sets Devon House apart from other heritage sites is the huge array of restaurants and boutique shops. Delicious fresh food at Pimentos, juicy steaks at The Steak House on the Verandah, the best local dishes at Grog Shoppe Restaurant, and countless others. Be sure to save room for award-winning ice cream at Scoops Unlimited, as well.

Reggae lovers will certainly want to check out the Bob Marley Museum, where the iconic artist’s home and recording studio are open for exploration. And for something truly unique, head to the Strawberry Hill estate in the Blue Mountains. The property is both an unbelievably luxurious hotel for honeymooning couples and a go-to spot for spa treatments. From the Strawberry Hill Signature Massage to the Blue Mountain Body Elixir, the spa’s specialists will take you on a rejuvenating journey amid sweeping mountain views.

Ocho Rios

Nature-loving and eco-conscious travelers will instantly fall in love with Ocho Rios. Natural wonders abound in the northern port town, and Mystic Mountain is one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy the surrounding beauty. You’ll ascend the mountain on the 700-foot SkyExplorer Chairlift and then race to the bottom on a speedy zipline or through 3280 feet of winding turns on a custom-made bobsled. The adventure park embodies the essence of Jamaica with its fun, lighthearted spirit and cherishing of the natural world.

For lovebirds looking to stay closer to the ground, a picnic at Blue Hole is just the ticket. While you can swing like Tarzan from a rope swing above the majestic waterfall or hike to the Secret Falls, a quiet picnic in the idyllic setting is perfect for romance. You can also explore Green Grotto Caves, which have had an extraordinary history throughout the past few centuries. The labyrinthine limestone cave is more than 4000 feet long and 35+ feet below the surface, which protects the incredible rock formations for an epic adventure.

South Coast

As you gaze out from atop Lover’s Leap, you’ll fully understand why South Coast has a reputation for being an under-the-radar gem. The quiet community on the island’s southern coast is a quintessential destination for romance, with the aforementioned Lover’s Leap offering perhaps the most spectacular Caribbean views in the country thanks to its 1700-foot height. Plus, Jakes Restaurant at Lover’s Leap is a great spot for enjoying fresh local dishes and homemade ice cream

The foodie experience doesn’t end there, though. For a seaside bar that takes things to the next level, head over to Floyd’s Pelican Bar. The bar is literally located in the ocean and a dedicated boat will take you on the one-mile trip out to it. A number of different tours can be booked to experience the one-of-a-kind spot, including tours that combine the visit with a journey to Appleton Estate. The process of making rum in the legendary distillery is absolutely fascinating, and the tasting experience at the end is worth the trip alone!