Mexico rings out romance. Easy to love and easy to reach, Mexican resorts offer some of the best honeymoon values anywhere. Opulent beaches, resorts with fabulous facilities and plenty of things to see and do are all bathed in sunshine by day and starlight by night. Love with a Latin flavor surrounds you. This is a country where you can order up a trio to play your favorite songs around the clock or arrange for a serenade under the balcony.

Couples who like to combine sophisticated cities and capitals with sun splashed resorts can spend a few days in Mexico City or Guadalajara before taking off for a dazzling beach. Those who want to reach the beach as soon as possible can fly direct in most cases.

LGBT couples will find lots to see and do as well, with tons of resorts that are accepting of all kinds of love. Mexico City is an especially welcoming LGBT destination, with everything from great gay bars and clubs to gay-friendly activities and tours that won't make you feel like people are staring. As couples from all walks of life have found out for themselves, whatever kind of couple you are, romance in Mexico knows no bounds!

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