The Grand Costa Maya region is somewhat off the beaten track, with quiet lagoons, clear blue seas, white sand beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, tropical jungles and a world of adventure and beauty waiting to be discovered. Located in the southern Mexican Caribbean coastal region, it is just a few hours south of Cancun. The main cities in the region are Chetumal, Mahahual and Bacalar. This is a great honeymoon destination for those who want a quieter pace and a chance to get closer to the natural world as well as local history and culture.

For lovers of water sports, the Grand Costa Maya is tropical paradise where the inviting crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. When you’re feeling more adventurous, try scuba diving or parasailing. You get can your adrenaline rush zip lining above the tropical forest canopy or diving into a blue cenote, or sinkhole lake, from a zip line.

The region is the focus of local sustainable tourism and conservation efforts, and there are several eco parks and nature reserves to explore. The Santuario del Manati near Chetumal protects these gentle marine mammals and their environment, and the Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve preserves the largest coral reef in Mexico along with its variety of marine flora and fauna.

While there are many restaurants serving international food, you’ll want to try the delicious local food with typical Mayan dishes like the Tikinxic fish, grilled with achiote or annatto seeds, and served with tomatoes, sour orange, chilli and onions. Chicken or pork tamales wrapped in banana leaf, shrimp, and Yucatán specialities like paunches and sope are other street foods you will en-joy.

Accommodations consist primarily of smaller boutique hotels, lodges, and cabanas by the beach. You can also find eco-friendly accommodations at solar-powered resorts. One the most romantic places to stay would be a cabana with a pier built out over the water, so you can enjoy the view or jump in for a swim any time.

The best way to get around the region is to rent a car. Rentals are easy and will give you the freedom to plan your own itinerary and make stops whenever you like. There are local taxis and bus services as well. The weather is warm and sunny year-round.

About Grand Costa Maya

Honeymoon Hints

  • The laid back cities and towns of the Grand Costa Maya make it the perfect destination for quiet couples time together. Find yourself side by side hammocks suspended over the lagoon at Bacalar and watch the stars appear as evening fades into night. Or watch the moon’s path across the shimmering waters.
  • Enjoy the local culture. There’s plenty of music and dancing, and there will be musicians and dancers in folk costume at most markets and eateries.
  • Get up early with the birds to watch the sunrise at Bacalar, when the the orange and pink col-ors of the sky contrast with the blue shades of the lagoon.
  • Many of the hotels have spa facilities where you can get relaxing treatments with a stunning view.

Travel tips

  • MARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS: If you’re planning to get married here, make sure you meet all legal requirements. You’ll find all information on marriage regulations here (link:
  • GETTING THERE: The best way to reach Chetumal, Mahahual and Bacalar is to fly into Cancun or one of the other cities of the Mayan Riviera and then get a rental car or bus to com-plete your journey. Chetumal Airport (CTM) has limited connections to other Mexican cities.
  • CURRENCY: The peso. U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere but change will likely be in pe-sos.
  • ELECTRICITY: 110 volts, 60 cycles. Bring a power surge protector for your computer.
  • WHEN TO GO: With a comfortable tropical climate, the Grand Costa Maya is a year-round destination. Hurricane season is in the fall, so make sure you check the forecast and keep track of any storms.
  • WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES: The small towns and cities of the Grand Costa Maya are very walkable, and your feet will thank you for wearing comfortable shoes.
  • BRING SUNSCREEN & TOILETRIES: The sun is very strong and you can get a bad burn in a short time, even in the winter.
  • DON’T LOSE YOUR TOURIST CARD: The remainder of the Tourist Card you receive upon arrival has to be turned in when you leave the country. Keep it safely with your passport.
  • HEALTH: International travel to Mexico was never shut down due to Covud-19, but each re-gion, most hotels and tourist attractions have their own guidelines that must be followed by visitors. When planning your trip, check these guidelines in advance. Travelers to Mexico should also keep themselves updated on the status of the Zika virus.

Destinations to Explore

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