Art & Culture Honeymoon

On the most romantic trip of your life, you want to be surrounded by music and beauty. You’ll find them at arts and culture honeymoon destinations around the world like New York City, Greece, Italy, Berlin, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok and more. These places have one thing in common, because each opens up a new world – a city, a country, a culture, or a past. It’s one of the best gifts you could give your partner and yourself.

You can spend your days admiring historical sites and monuments, and your evenings at the opera or listening to an open air concert in a historic city park as the stars light up the sky. In Berlin, you’ll find historical architecture, where old buildings stand next to modern constructions of steel and glass, monuments like the Brandenburg Gate, museums holding some of the greatest cultural treasures from Germany and around the world, and a lively and irreverent arts scene.

New York City really does have it all, and your only problem will be finding enough time to see and do everything on your list – the opera, a concert at the Lincoln Center, Broadway shows, museums, art galleries, and bars with live music scattered throughout the city. Italy and Greece are the ideal destinations for an arts and culture honeymoon, with their history, monuments, art and architecture. Asian cites like Beijing, Shanghai and Bangkok likewise have so much to discover in terms of history, architecture, art and music.

In smaller cities like Aspen and Bar Harbor, you can enjoy concerts in more intimate settings amid surroundings of great natural beauty. They’re also home to thriving art galleries, attracting artists who are drawn to the scenery and art lovers among the millions of visitors. Whichever destination you choose, you’re sure to bring away treasured memories. So if there’s a city honeymoon destination you’ve always wanted to visit, now’s the time to start planning your trip.