Palmares Beach House Hotel adults Only

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Palmares Beach House Hotel adults Only

Nestled in the heart of the Algarve, where the lush greens of a golf course meet the endless blues of the majestic ocean, the Palmares Beach House Hotel offers honeymooners an intimate connection with nature. It’s a haven that awakens the senses, embraces tranquility, and invites you to create cherished moments together.

A House by the Sea:

The Palmares Beach House Hotel captures the essence of coastal living. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to infuse the calm and relaxation of the natural surroundings into the heart of the hotel. Here, you’ll experience the serenity of the sea at every turn, all while reveling in the comfort and originality that define this hotel group.

Embrace Nature:

Located between the 27th hole green and the Driving-Range, and a mere 700 meters from the beach, the Palmares Beach House Hotel is a haven for those seeking the sea, golf, or simply the joy of soaking in this unique landscape. The setting is nothing short of breathtaking.

Panoramic Views:

The hotel boasts 20 rooms, including 2 suites, each thoughtfully decorated in soft, soothing colors. Spacious balconies are designed to frame panoramic views of the enchanting Lagos Bay and the sprawling Meia Praia beach, a stretch of coastline that seems to go on forever. Golf enthusiasts can even enjoy live golf action from the comfort of their room, overlooking a course described by golf architect Robert Trent Jones Jr as a “warmer” Scotland.

Endless Horizons:

The bar lounge is the perfect meeting place for sipping cocktails while listening to the gentle lull of the sea. The restaurant invites you to savor Mediterranean gastronomy with a focus on fresh, authentic flavors. Dine on the generous and inviting terrace, where exquisite cuisine and cheerful surroundings awaken the senses and calm the soul.

Live Your Dreams:

Palmares Beach House Hotel is where dreams come to life. Whether you’re watching the sunset over the ocean, enjoying a round of golf, or simply savoring the moments of togetherness, this intimate oasis is the perfect canvas for your honeymoon.

Escape to the Palmares Beach House Hotel, where nature, romance, and luxury converge to create an unforgettable experience. It’s a place where dreams are lived and cherished memories are made.