Red rock formations and vibrant sunsets are just some of the glorious sights to be seen in Arizona. The Grand Canyon state promises an adventure-filled honeymoon with ancient history, endless activity, and that characteristic Southwestern flair wherever you go.

No Arizona honeymoon would be complete without a venture out into the “wild” portion of the Wild West. A land of awe-inspiring canyons, vast desert, striking sandstone pinnacles and ponderosa pine forests, Arizona is home to some of the most romantic landscapes in the US, each one begging to be explored by the curious at heart.

As one of the most iconic landmarks in the USA, the Grand Canyon is certainly not to be missed. This spectacular canyon carved from the Colorado River is over one mile deep and spans 277 miles long from end to end, all within the state of Arizona. Begin in the outdoorsy mountain town of Flagstaff and head out to discover the Grand Canyon from there. From hiking and biking day trips to multi-day rafting and air tours where you can get a birds’ eye view, the adventure options are endless. The Grand Canyon’s South Rim is its most popular jumping off point, with the park’s largest array of services and parking found in Grand Canyon Village. To escape crowds, get away with your honey to the rustic and secluded North Rim, where the two of you can stay at the historic Grand Canyon Lodge. And if you are looking for an unforgettable experience, go to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, where you can walk out on the glass-bottom Skywalk hand in hand (if you dare!) and learn all about the native Hualapai culture.

The incredible natural surroundings do not stop at the Grand Canyon, however. You and your love could explore any one of Arizona’s stunning natural parks and be amazed. Try the Petrified Forest National Park, a 200 million year old forest that was buried in lava from a volcanic eruption. Today, the logs have transformed into quartz and are gradually revealed by natural forces of erosion. Another popular spot to visit is Antelope Canyon, a narrow slot crevice formed by flash flooding. Take pictures of the incredible light as it reflects off orange waves of sandstone. And it would be a shame to leave Arizona without saying “hello” to iconic Monument Valley, a group of remarkable red sandstone arches, pinnacles and mesas that juts up out of the flat desert that surrounds.

From Native American tribes to restored ghost towns of the Wild West, Arizona is no stranger to history and culture. Ancient Puebloans were among the early settlers of the land and left thousands of historic artifacts in their wake. Today, their rich history continues to be unveiled in areas like Glen Canyon and the preserved sites of Canyon de Chelly National Monument. In more recent history, Arizona was known for being part of the “Wild West” back in the days of copper mining. Jerome, an old ghost town situated on a steep cliff, was once known as the “Wickedest town in the West.” Today, visitors can explore this restored mining town, which is home to several artists and few still “haunted” locations.

Activity buffs, take note: Arizona has plenty to keep a honeymooning duo entertained from start to finish. The buzzing capital city of Phoenix will keep you on your toes, with major league sports, renowned museums and the famed Camelback Mountain. Or head to Tucson, known as AZ’s “Second City,” for a selection of luxe golf resorts and a winning downtown art and food festival scene. Even though the state is generally arid, honeymooners who have an affinity for water sports won’t miss out in Arizona. Lake Havasu offers 400 miles of shoreline and is a premier spot for wakeboarding, jet skiing, boating, and swimming. You two can even rent your own houseboat for a stay on the lake. Anything is possible on Lake Havasu – it’s even home to the original London Bridge, which was purchased and transferred there from England in the 1800’s.

No matter your idea of honeymoon fun, Arizona is bound to impress even the most jaded of travelers. From cultured cities, spectacular scenery and a vibrant, unique local history, a honeymoon in Arizona will inspire you for years to come.

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The Best Parts of Arizona

Tips & Advice

Tips & Advice



  • CAPITAL: Phoenix
  • AREA CODE: + 602
  • CURRENCY: The US dollar
  • ELECTRICITY: Arizona, and the rest of America, uses electricity at 110-120 volts. Flat two-prong plugs are typical, so it is recommended that you bring a universal plug adapter if you are coming from outside the US. A transformer may also be necessary.
  • TIME ZONE: The state of Arizona is on Mountain Standard Time.
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • GETTING THERE: Fly in to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) or Tucson International Airport (TUS). Amtrak runs three trains to Arizona: Southwest Chief, Sunset Limited, and Texas Eagle.
  • WHEN TO GO: The sun shines year round, but Arizona summers can be scorching with highs over 100 degrees. Visit Arizona in milder months during winter, spring, and autumn.
  • GETTING AROUND: Like most of America, the best way to travel around Arizona is by car. It is possible to travel between cities by Greyhound bus or taking Amtrak’s Grand Canyon Railway from Williams to the South Rim.


  • OBEY THE LAW: Arizona’s 22 Native American Tribes provide a really special opportunity to learn about another culture. Be aware that by entering American Indian Territory, you must obey the local laws and jurisdictions. Taking photographs may not be allowed.
  • SUN SAFETY: Arizona’s sunshine makes it a wonderful honeymoon destination, but be careful not to get a sunburn from the state’s strong rays. Always wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat and try to limit your exposure during peak midday sun.

Dont Miss

Dont Miss


  • AMERICAN ICONS: Any visit to Arizona should include a trip to the spectacular Grand Canyon and the striking rock formations of Monument Valley, two classic landmarks in the USA.
  • TEE TIME: The Grand Canyon State is also home to over 300 unique and enjoyable golf courses. It’s best to visit them in the winter, when the weather is mild and sunny, though you might score discounts if you venture out in the summer’s heat.
  • TRY THE CACTUS: Arizona’s cuisine has been influenced by its proximity to Mexico, the Native American culture and its desert climate. As such, you can score authentic Mexican food, indulge in street stand burritos, and even try cactus (you can order it fried or in a salad).
  •  MAJOR LEAGUES: Phoenix is a mecca for Major League Baseball. It’s not only home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, but also the San Francisco Giants, who train there during preseason.
  • GREAT OUTDOORS: There’s plenty of nature to be explored in Arizona’s unique landscapes, which makes the state an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. You and your love can enjoy numerous opportunities for hiking, biking, camping, off roading, rock climbing, and more.
  • TRY YOUR LUCK: There are dozens of casinos scattered around the state, increasing your chances of winning big or enjoying a dazzling night of entertainment wherever you go.

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