Amara Resort And Spa

Nestled in the heart of Sedona, Arizona, Amara Resort and Spa welcomes honeymooners to experience a modern sanctuary where luxury, natural beauty, and relaxation come together in perfect harmony. This elegant haven offers the best of all worlds, from its idyllic location to its first-class amenities.

Sedona’s Uptown Gem:

Amara Resort and Spa sits in the vibrant Uptown area of Sedona, often regarded as America’s most beautiful place. This ideal location makes it the perfect starting point for your Sedona adventure.

Luxury in Every Detail:

From the moment you step into your guest room, you’ll be greeted by luxury at every turn. Plush bed linens, cozy robes, in-room safes, and convenient refrigerators await you. But what truly sets Amara apart is the view. Step out onto your private balcony to behold the awe-inspiring spectacle of Sedona’s red rock formations or the lush serenity of the gardens.

Culinary Delights:

Savor the flavors of Sedona at SaltRock Southwest Kitchen, offering in-room dining for an intimate meal. Alternatively, indulge in indoor/outdoor dining at the resort’s restaurant, providing three delicious meals a day. The cuisine is as picturesque as it is delectable.

Relaxation and Stargazing:

The infinity pool at Amara Resort and Spa is the perfect place to unwind. Soak in the spirit of Sedona and let the sights and sounds of nature envelop you. In the evenings, gather in the courtyard to stargaze and enjoy delightful s’mores with your loved one, creating unforgettable moments under the night sky.

The Spa and Yoga Oasis:

For the ultimate rejuvenation, head to The Spa. Here, you can treat yourself to a soothing massage or a hot stone treatment. These therapies are designed to enhance your connection and relaxation as newlyweds. Or, start your day with an invigorating yoga class – a perfect way to begin your mornings in harmony.

A Honeymoon Oasis:

Amara Resort and Spa is more than just a place to stay; it’s an oasis of luxury and tranquility. It’s the perfect setting for honeymooners to celebrate their love amidst the enchanting beauty of Sedona.

Amara Resort and Spa is where you can take in Sedona’s natural wonders and create cherished memories together. It’s a sanctuary where modern comfort and the splendor of the red rocks harmonize, ensuring that your honeymoon is truly unforgettable.